Blogs Update Phase 2 WordPress 4

Later News: Blogs Phase 2.1 Release Tuesday 24th February

20th January 2015

Glow blogs were upgraded to WordPress 4
Moving to WordPress 4 was a major upgrade. Moving from version 2.9.2 to 4 of any software will bring changes.

Among the major changes are:

And most importantly a way to move forward and add more features in the future.

Changes to your admin area (Where has  that gone!)

  • Privacy settings, where you set you blog to private, glow only or public can now be found in Settings-> Reading
  • The discussion settings on a page may be hidden, you can show them using the Screen Options section opened from the Top Left of the page screen.
  • If you saved a link to your My Blogs page, the URL has changed: for example: is now:

We have several new themes (we have changed the help blog to twentyfourteen) and some existing themes have been updated too. There are a lot of changes to the suffusion theme.


  • The Anarchy Media Plugin has been simplified and left in for existing content. It is now highly recommended that you use the built in WordPress media embedding tools. See Adding Media.
  • The lightbox plugin has been simplified and there are now no settings.
  • The WP-spamfree plugin has been removed. The Akismit anti-spam plugin is automatically turned on for all Public blogs.
  • The functionality of the re-size at upload plus has been incorporated into Glow Blogs. If you do not want images downsized to a max of 1200 pixels you can turn this feature of or change the setting on the Media section of the Setting menu.
  • The Fourteen Colors plugin has been added, this lets you edit the colours of the TwentyFourteen theme.

While it might take users a short time to get used to the changes, we think that this will be a very positive upgrade to the Blogs service.

The Help blog will be updated to support WordPress 4 over the next few days. This post will be update with more details of the changes.

Security Note

As part of every upgrade to the blog service we have security experts review the service.

This time the report included a note explaining that password protected posts were only as strong as the password applied.

This potentially could lead to users using lightweight passwords for important private information. We do not believe that many bloggers are using password protected post but encourage all users to consider the strength of passwords if they use this facility.

4 thoughts on “Blogs Update Phase 2 WordPress 4”

  1. Hi,
    After the new upgrade our scroll does not seem to be working and the latest posts are only being displayed where it says Latest and not scrolling along the top.
    Can you help please?
    Maureen champion

  2. Can you please let me know how to add a Voki on to my blog?
    Since the upgrade I don’t know how to do it.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      It looks like we have lost the ability to embed vokis in the blogs now we use WordPress 4
      I’ll ask the developers if we can get this facility back or if there is a workaround and let you know.

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