Create A Blog Issue

This issue was fixed in release phase 1.1

As of October 3rd at the switch over there is a small cosmetic issue with creating blogs in 3 Local Authorities (Aberdeenshire, Inverclyde and Orkney).

when you click Create A blog you willl see this screen, with the obvious problem. We should be able to fix this shortly. It will not affect the creation of the blog.

Click image for fullsized version

2 thoughts on “Create A Blog Issue”

  1. Is there a way that I can get admin rights to a blog created by a teacher who has now left the school. Also is there a way to delete such blogs – There are three for our department, we would like to keep one.

    While I am writing this I am wondering if it would easier to scrub them all and start from scratch.


  2. Hi Douglas,
    You should be a able to do this by raising a call via your key contact to RM.

    Deleting blogs dosen’t work at the moment. Should be fixed soon.

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