Service delivery update

Like many other services across the city, Glasgow Psychological Service (GPS) has gone through a process of redesigning service delivery in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. With the schools across Glasgow  experiencing multiple  closures and re-openings during this pandemic,  we would like to update you on how we plan to continue to deliver an effective and equitable service across the city. Outlined in this guideline is a flexible and responsive revision to service delivery provided by GPS:

Service Delivery Guidelines COVID 19 update

In addition Glasgow Psychological Service has created a prezi. It is hoped that you will find this a helpful and engaging experience as you make yourself acquainted with our core service delivery for 2020/21.

The prezi can be downloaded by clicking on this link: GPS service delivery 2020 Prezi

When downloaded just left click on the file twice to initiate the prezi.

Here is a short video highlighting the contents of the prezi:


Just in case you have any difficulties accessing the prezi we have also created a PDF showing exactly what information and links are contained within the production. You can get this PDF by clicking this link: GPS service delivery 2020 PDF