Throwback to 12 years ago….. I was a bossy 7 year old teaching an innocent 4 year old to count. After 2 hours of me nagging she eventually counted to ten and from that moment I knew that teaching was the profession for me.

In primary school I didn’t just sit in my primary class and get taught like any normal child, instead I analysed the teachers movements and noted down techniques that I would hopefully use when I became Miss Daly. Throughout primary school I used to day dream about having my own primary class and taking the children on school trips, but when I started secondary school reality hit me when I realised if I was really passionate about doing teaching I was going to have to work hard.

Third year of secondary school was when I began to doubt myself, I began to wonder if I should become a midwife, social worker or psychologist. I looked into many courses but somehow in my head I knew I was wasting my time, and teaching was what I really wanted to do. In my fifth year of school I began to go on work experience. I volunteered at nursery’s and primary schools and loved every moment. I found it very interesting to watch the way children learned and interacted with one another.

On the first day of work experience when I walked into a classroom not as a pupil but as ‘Miss Daly’ I began to see that my old day dreams in school could be turned into a reality.

So now being at uni, studying the profession that I’m truly passionate about makes me very happy, as I know that i’m on the right path to become the teacher i’ve always wanted to become.

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