Serial Days 4 and 5

Day Four

To start day four off we had a class catch up as it was after the February break and all the pupils told their stories of what they got up to, it was nice to hear. The maths lesson was continued from the previous week with 3 rotating activities, to recap on their learning they played ‘guess the shape’. Each pupil put their hand into a bag of shapes and without looking for picking it out they had to guess the shape they were holding. This was useful as it allowed children to think of how many sides and points shapes have.

In the afternoon the 3 winning pupils practiced their burns poem ‘Sare Finger’ in front of the class as a practice for the burns assembly the following day.

Day Five

In maths each group were given different nets of 3D shapes and they had the activity of cutting them out and forming all different kinds of 3D shapes, the children showed a lot of interest into this and were pleased once they were all disaplyed around the class to show.

The class topic is the Romans and they have been working on a story ‘Romulus and Remus’. They were set a reading task to fill in the missing words from sentences and this made them think about what had happened throughout the story.


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