Serial Day 1

Thursday 23rd January was my first day of placement in primary 3. I was very excited to be out on placement as after all my learning and use of previous knowledge since starting first year back in September it was exciting to see it all in practice.

Throughout my day of observing in the classroom I was able to take note of all the activites and learning that was carried out throughout the school day.

To begin in the morning the class worked on maths, they were working on how to subtract tens and units, before they carried out the sums they were reminded of their previous knowledge on tens and units sums. The teacher made use of the interactive whiteboard giving opportunity for individual pupils to carry out sums themselves and allowing their peers to watch the process.

Before lunch time as a whole class we went out into the playground and we completed the daily mile, I found this very beneficial to the pupils as after a morning full of maths it allowed them to get up and be active and to recharge.

In the afternoon the children were split into their 3 literacy groups and worked on phonemes, each group had a different activity such as making words with playdoh, typing them onto computers and using whiteboards along with magentic letters. I thought allowing the pupils to practice their words with different resources rather than just writing them out engaged the pupils well.


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