Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation Task

For the resource allocation task I ended up in the group with one of the smallest packs. We immediately noticed that we had a lot less than especially group one, although at this point we did not realise that the pack sizes were used to show a form of favouritism. So we simply carried on with the task and designed a brief handbook which a new student could use in their first few weeks at university.

However, when we began to actually make our item our lecturer began to offer some biscuits to group one, at this point my group began to piece together that the lesson of the day was going to be something to do with favouritism and learning to work with what you have. Once we realised that we were definitely not the favourite group our confidence to present our item to the class began to drop. Our confidence dropped further when our lecturer began to encourage group one and ignore our group, actually forgetting about us when it came time for us to present.

The task was clearly set up deliberately so that one or two groups were starting to a disadvantage, in order for us to think about how it feels to be more disadvantaged than your peers. Especially for a primary school pupil, if they constantly feel like they have less than the other pupils then that can change their outlook very early on. Some might even be prompted to stop trying if they know they don’t have an equal chance, even worse if the teacher adds to this by consciously or unconsciously showing favouritism towards certain pupils. Which should definitely be avoided, as long as every child (from any background) is given the right guidance and support then they can be successful in whatever they choose to do.

I think this task was very useful as I want to be as aware/understanding as I can and of pupils from every background so that I never show favouritism towards certain children in the class.

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