Building a Reading Culture


There are three working groups within the literacy workstream. Each has a clear focus on improving aspects of reading.

During session 201819, the focus of the Building a Reading Culture working group is to:

-Begin to establish a teacher-driven professional network for reading with the support of a small number of practitioners who will undertake a research-informed test of change.

-Facilitate professional dialogue during network sessions and coordinate  professional learning opportunities in support of the tests of change.

-Support practitioners to evaluate impact of tests of change with a focus on the impact on learners and next steps/sustainability. 

-Evaluate the impact of the network and consider implications for continuing the interventions, upscaling the projects, growth of the network and contributing to the learning of colleagues.

-Share outcomes of reading interventions and examples of effective practice on this blog. 

By taking part, network members will gain:

-An increased knowledge and understanding of research, strategies and interventions to develop positive reading attitudes and motivation.

-Increased collaboration and networking opportunities across the Regional Improvement Collaborative. 

We will continue to update progress through literacy blog posts or via twitter @FVWLric #ReadingCulture_FVWL