CPD Manager Roles, Responsibilities and Guidance

Clackmannanshire CPD Manager homepage
Adrienne Aitken AAitken@Clacks.Gov.Uk (Lead CLPL Officer Clackmannanshire)
Nicola Wiseman nwiseman@clacks.gov.uk (Admin Support Clackmannanshire)

Falkirk CPD Manager homepage
Laura Baird laura.baird@falkirk.gov.uk (Lead CLPL Officer Falkirk)
Claudia Chalmers claudia.chalmers@falkirk.gov.uk (Admin Support Falkirk)

Stirling CPD Manager homepage
Sandra Logan logans20s@stirling.gov.uk (Lead CLPL Officer Stirling)
Linda Stevenson stevensonl@stirling.gov.uk (Admin Support Stirling)

West Lothian CPD Manager homepage
Iain McDermott iain.mcdermott@westlothian.gov.uk (Lead CLPL Officer West Lothian)
Vicky Young victoria.young@westlothian.gov.uk (Admin Support West Lothian)

Course Leaders
• Input course descriptors, monitoring course attendance and evaluations

CPD Coordinator in establishment
• Monitoring and accepting / declining staff course requests
• Monitoring outstanding staff course evaluations
• Informing Central Staff of staff changes
• Inputting establishment CPD activities (optional)
• Resending staff login details if lost
• Monitoring staff attendance and course evaluation reports for information

A coordinator user guide can be found under the help menu on CPD Manager. CPD Coordinator walkthrough video.
Video tutorial – Adding an establishment CPD activity.
Video tutorial – Resending staff log in details.

General users
• Booking on to courses
• Completing course evaluations
• Cancelling course requests
• Maintaining their CPD Record (if being used by authority)

A staff user guide can be found under the help menu on CPD Manager.
Staff walkthrough video
Video tutorial – Adding an activity to your record
Video tutorial – Cancelling a course request

Detailed support can be found in the help menu in the CPD Manager system

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