The Forth Valley and West Lothian Regional Improvement Collaborative will be using CPD Manager to manage the collaborative CLPL offer. Full access to this system for each authority is being funded by the collaborative. Falkirk are already using CPD Manager to manage their programme and will continue to access authority and regional opportunities as before. It has been agreed by Clackmannanshire, Stirling and West Lothian that they will also start using CPD Manager.

CPD Manager is a bespoke application, developed by working closely with colleagues from 12 Scottish local authorities. The database has been constructed to hold information about CPD training opportunities, the establishments, the staff located in these establishments, course applications, attendance, evaluations, staff CPD Plans and CPD Records. More details about the company that own CPD Manager, Gateway, can be found at their website –

This will allow:

  • the opportunity to share resources and expertise more effectively;
  • accessibility and ease when managing PRD records and applying for courses;
  • a wider range of reporting available for Coordinators, authorities and the collaborative;
  • greater analysis of CLPL programmes across the collaborative;
  • and a linked up system so staff can easily submit their Professional Update.

CPD Manager will (currently) be made available for:
• Early Years educators and Nursery teachers
• Primary teachers
• Secondary teachers
• Community Learning practitioners
• Support for learning / ASN / SLA staff
• Educational Psychology teams
• Education Officers

CPD Manager will not (currently) be made available for:
• Administrative staff
• Invigilators
• Music tutors, swimming instructors etc.
• Janitorial staff
• ICT technicians

This is because the nature of the courses on offer would not be appropriate for the colleagues listed above.

1. Staff data files will be released and uploaded to CPD Manager as soon as Directors and HR have approved the GDPR agreement.
2. Accounts will then be created and Coordinators will receive an email including their login details.
3. Coordinators then issue login details for staff.
4. Staff will receive emails with their own login details and can start using the system immediately.

Due to ongoing staffing changes it is likely that staff lists will need to be updated. We acknowledge the workload related to the Coordinator role, but based on the experience from other authorities (including Falkirk) the benefits and opportunity to reduce workload at a later date as a result of using this system make it worthwhile.

Step by step guide to book a course.

CPD Manager – Roles, Responsibilities and Guidance

Tutorial documents and FAQs have been created by CPD Manager to support colleagues as they engage with the system. In the experience of Falkirk there was no requirement for formal training for users of the system during the CPD Manager rollout.

Here’s a  link to a walkthrough PPT presentation used by West Lothian

Coordinator Guide

Staff Guide