Lewis Atha (Larbert HS); David Ironside (Braes HS); Stephanie Peat (Education Scotland); Louise Scott (Callander PS), Susan McCudden (Denny HS)

Camelon Education Centre (Falkirk)


Participants are expected at attend all 4 sessions:





Target audience – All staff in Primary, Secondary, Community Learning and Early who would like to develop their abilities to perform Practitioner Enquiry.

Session 1 – 07/11/2019
What is Practitioner Enquiry?
This session will explore what is meant by Practitioner Enquiry and how it can be used in their setting. Colleagues will discuss “the stone in their shoe” in order to identify areas of interest for a practitioner enquiry. The session will finish with an exploration about what is meant by research/professional reading for Practitioner Enquiry. The gap task is to find a text relevant to their topic to bring back and share at session 2. Please bring a brief overview of the text for session 2.

Session 2 – 02/12/19
Different Practitioner Enquiry Models
This session will begin with participants sharing their gap task text with other participants. Groups will explore different models for engaging with Practitioner Enquiry. They will then create a model to use in their setting. The gap task for session 3 will be to share the model with colleagues and refine.

Session 3 – 30/01/2020
How’s it going?
George Gilchrist is a former Headteacher, a fellow of SCEL and a member of SERA. He has written extensively and is the author of ‘Practitioner Enquiry – Professional Development with Impact for Teachers, Schools and Systems’.

This session will include a Q&A with George Gilchrist and will focus on addressing concerns and overcoming challenges of the Practitioner Enquiry process. Colleagues will also be developing their coaching skills by having conversations about progress in each enquiries. The gap task for session 4 will be to create a reflection about your enquiry. Comment on the process, impact on self and on learners.

Session 4 – 05/03/2020
Celebration of Learning
This session will start with colleagues sharing their reflection piece on their enquiry in small groups. We will then look at next steps for continuing an enquiry or sharing the findings with other staff to have a wider impact. We will also consider the opportunity to join the RIC team and co-deliver sessions.


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