Camelon Education Centre (Falkirk)


Participants are expected to attend all 4 sessions:





All colleagues from Early, Primary, Secondary, Special and CLD are welcome to attend these sessions.

Each of the sessions will include a theme – Trust, Autonomy, Collegiality and Empowerment. Colleagues will work together to consider these key values and find pathways towards tackling workload.



To reflect on the values of Trust, Autonomy, Collegiality and Empowerment and how these impact on relationships.

When the relationship is right, details are negotiable.  When tensions are high, details become obstacles.


Session detail:


-Clarify the purpose of these sessions and what they are not!

-‘Why are we here?’ tabletop exercise*

*Opportunity for detox and identifying obstacles and barriers

-Input relating to Trust followed by discussion

-Exploring the link between Trust and tackling workload

-Take away thoughts and optional actions


The next sessions will explore the values of Autonomy, Collegiality and Empowerment in relation to tackling workload.


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