Lindsey Rooney (Braes High School) other facilitators TBC


Braes High School

Participants are expected to attend all sessions:




Due to circumstances outside our control the session originally planned for 02/10/2019 will now take place in February / April 2020.  Details will be agreed with participants on 20/11/2019.

This course is targeting Secondary colleagues.


Session 1
Overview of key session aims De-mystifying Hattie’s research on Visible Learning This session will consider the principles behind visible teaching and learning. Participants will begin to discuss effect size as a starting point to evaluate their own practice.

Session 2
Know Thy Impact This session will explore the language of learning in order to ensure that pupils are assessment-capable learners. Participants will reflect on their current practice to mark where their learners are in relation to being assessment capable. We will discuss and share best practice in order to plan strategies for moving forward.

Session 3/4
Effective Feedback The final two sessions will build upon emerging areas of best practice from participants. These sessions will also address how to make the most of feedback in the classroom.

A key resource we will be using is here.


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