National Induction Resource

This resource has been developed to support you in your induction to delivering ELC –whether that is funded ELC or ELC that families choose to purchase themselves. It has been developed specifically to support staff working in ELC centres rather than in childminding settings. It sets out how you can expect your employer to support you in your new role and includes links to the range of national resources which are available to support you. It has been developed collaboratively with the range of national organisations supporting the profession.

national induction resource

link to key information, policy, resources and exemplification relating to ELC

​​​This page provides a summary of key information, policy, resources, and exemplification relating to early learning and childcare (ELC)​.​

Conversation event Wednesday 1st May

This aim of this conversation event is to provide an informal opportunity for practitioners from all educational sectors and settings, community learning and development and the third sector to learn about and consider:
 Family Learning
 Involving parents in improvement planning
 Parents and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

See attached flyer for details of how to book.

Conversation day – FVWL – 1 May 2019

Funding Follows the Child and the National Standards

Attached is the powerpoint used at the RIC consultation event at the Stirling Highland hotel the end of February.  This presentation is for all ELC staff and contains links to key documents.

FFtC and NS – Presentation and Workshop – RIC Events – February 2019

Bringing generations together

The Care Inspectorate is encouraging care services across Scotland to bring together younger and older people for everyone’s benefit.

A new resource full of good practice examples is being launched to give care services ideas on how to bring generations together in a variety of care settings in a way that improves the quality of their lives.

Bringing generations together