National Improvement Framework Driver – Performance Information

In line with national guidance on Developing Regional Improvement Plans, the Forth Valley and West Lothian Collaborative will plan on the basis of all available evidence on performance within the region, including school attainment data. It is a priority for the Collaborative to make intelligent use of the data and wider performance information and ensure that there is a balance between data analysis and broader collaborative inquiry.

The Collaborative has worked to collate and oversee shared data to analyse and inform priority areas to target, initially to identify work streams and then to provide information for the teams to develop their ideas and plans. Numeracy and Literacy CfE levels and HMI reports have provided a good starting overview. The Performance Team will now work with each team in the second phase of the plan to draw together agreed baseline data and progression updates. They will also develop a data pack for the wider use of the RIC. As each new work stream forms in phase two, in-depth data will be required to support planning and targeting specific outcomes.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Improvement planning will be carefully designed to maximise the quality of information and ensure that evidence sources are fit for the intended purpose, based on improvement methodology.
  • Evidence is used across the Collaborative to gain a deeper understanding of improvement
  • Practitioners across the Collaborative are more confident in data literacy

Measures of success will be:

  • External feedback on planning and reporting across the Collaborative will be recognised as based on good use of data and evidence and effective planning
  • Resources and support for data analysis at the centre is reduced

What will we do?

  • Gather data and establish baselines
  • Identify families of schools based on socio-economic and attainment schools
  • Develop School Improvement Partnerships across the Collaborative
  • Share evidence based approaches to close the poverty related attainment gap