‘A Fair Bear Share’ by Stuart J Murphy – Maths Through Stories

Please  find a short video explaining the background and rational of using Maths Through Stories, as a powerful way and engaging way to  teach Mathematical concepts.

Mama Bear wants to make her special Blue Ribbon Blueberry Pie, but it’s up to her four cubs to gather enough nuts, berries and seeds. Three of the cubs go at it with gusto, adding up their treasures by arranging them in groups of tens and ones. But they don’t have enough! Will their little sister – the one who spent the afternoon skipping, running and turning cartwheels – come through and save the day? Learning how to regroup numbers is essential for solving more advanced addition problems

Please find lesson plans to accompany ‘A Fair Bear Share’ to share with your learners

A Fair Bear Share



Cuisenaire – Equivalence, Patterns and Relationships

Please find a set of lesson plans to accompany the Cuisenaire video tutorial.  We attach also guidance on  how to deliver the lessons digitally to your learners.

Cuisenaire guidance re digital lessons

Cuisenaire – trains pattern 2 lesson

Cuisenaire equivalence – orange rod equivalence

Cuisenaire – trains complete pattern lesson

Cuisenaire – staircase lesson

Cuisenaire – build what I have


Maths through stories – First level

Research-based, Maths through Stories, is an engaging and creative way to teach and learn mathematical concepts.

‘Dinosaur Deals’ is a story that is based on Equivalent Values and is aimed at P3/4.  We have created some lesson activities that you can use with this story and some additional information you may find useful.




Stephen Graham Webinar sessions

We are delighted to confirm a series of Stephen Graham webinars for FVWL primary and English teachers on 28th May, 4th and 11th June (9.30 – 11am). Please sign up by email: CLjadam@glow.sch.uk

Reciprocal Reading CLPL – Literacy Academy Online

Reciprocal reading is a structured approach to teaching strategies (questioning, clarifying, summarising and predicting) that students can use to improve their reading comprehension. The strategy is based on robust research examining what effective teaching and learning in literacy looks like and practitioners will develop a deeper understanding of pedagogical approaches that engage learners and lead to improved outcomes.

Resilience and Wellbeing Webinar Series for Educators – limited spaces available.

Resilience and Wellbeing Webinar Series for Educators – limited spaces available.

*****Due to extremely high demand, the deadline for applying will be at 12 noon on Friday 8 May*****

​Click below for the flyer:
Support your own mental health and wellbeing to better help others in these challenging times by learning how to put your own ‘oxygen mask’ on first.​
This course is free to colleagues in the FV&WL RIC but does require a commitment to attend the full 12 hour online training programme which consists of 8 sessions in total, 2 sessions per week.  The series begins w/c 18th May with two options for attendance: Mondays & Wednesdays 2 – 3.30pm; or Tuesday & Thursdays, 2 – 3.30pm.​
The opportunity is open to all Early, Primary, Secondary and CLD staff and would be especially beneficial for school and establishment leaders. Promoted staff with a responsibility for PSE would be ideally placed in this course.  An open mind and willingness to embrace a fresh approach to thinking about wellbeing is welcomed.​
To apply email sonia@mindset-uk.co.uk or phone 07980 389 382​

For more details visit www.iheartprinciples.com

Distance Learning – Tips on navigating this strange, new ‘normal’

Marc Andrew is a primary school teacher who loves using technology to support learning and teaching.
Education Scotland’s Professional Learning and Leadership Team offered Marc the opportunity to share his experience with a wider audience via a blog where he shares some of the key lessons he learned from his first week of teaching from home.

There are some great tips for communicating with parents whose first language is not English.

Watch the video to hear Marc discuss his top ten tips for teachers supporting home learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.