Continuous practice

Teaching is what, I was grown up with in my family. My parents were teachers and I have had the motivation since childhood. After becoming a parent, I persuaded my passion as a mature student by going to college, and learned various methods of teaching and learning. I wanted to find my strengths and weaknesses by working in a different country.

Next, worked with children and young people from birth to eighteen. I have worked as learning and care assistant in special needs and main stream schools, Early year practitioner and Bilingual assistant for 5 years. Working with children and young people I learn from each other how we develop positive relationships by respecting various culture, beliefs and rights of children. There was always a sense of belonging and commitment for children and young people and I wanted to keep going. I perceive a flare of  motivating and inspiring learners, and interpersonal skills in me what I could offer in coming years, by gaining more qualifications.

I have the experience of supporting children social, emotional, physical development and wish to do more in teaching.  Every day is different for a children and young person,  and for us too and lets work together and make the world a better place to be.

My personal view about a teacher, for a student is not only limited to classroom; it will expand to form an improved society and community around the world and I am starting this life changing mission!

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