Working Together- Peer feedback

Peer feedback sheet: Monday 19th November 2018

1- I like this about you as a person… reply: “You are very kind and helpful. If ever in doubt you are always there to help. Always smiling. One of the core members of the group.”

2- I like working with you because… reply: “You know what you are doing and have a good understanding to help people”

3- I listen to you because… reply: “You have good ideas and plans for our project”

4- I wish you would do this more in our group… reply: “You have really good leadership skills but sometimes others need to pull their weight and you take on a lot, chill yourself out gurl

5- I wish you would do this less in our group… reply: “I wish you would stress less as you are a great contributor and very caring x”

6- Your contribution is helpful when… ┬áreply: “You take a leadership role! Was so helpful when you phoned the agency and arranged the taxis, and arranged our meetings!”

7- The group needs your skill in this aspect of our work… reply: “Your leadership role has shined in this group and you always keep people on track”

8- This is the nice thing I want to say to you… reply: “You are a very organised and professional person who always listens to others and if you like someones point you acknowledge it.”


I found this task effective as it gave me more confidence in my role within the group, it made me feel valued, respected and liked. Before this task I was unsure of what my role was in the group and if I was too bossy or too overbearing. This feedback gave me reassurance and has given me some points to work on such as taking a step back, and not putting so much stress on myself. I enjoyed working with a group of people who at the start I did not know, but have in turn through time developed a professional working relationship with them and friendships. This has built my confidence and has helped me realise that not everyone is against me.