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My focus is going to be on developing sustainable skills for school, life and work in a Primary 7 class.


To what extent does Loose Parts Play provide opportunity for Primary 7 pupils to develop creativity and problem solving skills for learning, life and work?

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  1. This is making things clearer, Faye. You are focusing on creativity and problem solving skills (consider simple definitions). I see you are also considering possible links to work as well and you might find some of the second level ‘I can’ statements fit in well with what you are aiming to do ( – p16)
    Your connections to sustainability and to Developing the Young Workforce will be of interest, I’m sure.

  2. Hi Faye,
    Happy New Year!
    I too am working on Learning for Sustainability, so some communication between us might be useful.
    My posts can be found in the Preston Lodge group!
    Best Wishes!
    Jerry Tracey.

    1. Hi Jerry!

      Happy New Year!

      I will keep a look out for your posts and look forward to discussion around LfS.


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