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January 21, 2020
by Mr Burns

Communicating in Other Environments- Reflective Task

Group and leadership
Was there a group leader?

Not really, we all led at some points!

How did this impact on the rest of the group e.g. was there some underlying resentment/ did anyone feel excluded?

No one in our group felt excluded. This was because we worked well together as we didn’t feel the need for a “leader” as such.
What was most challenging for you about working in this group? (personal reflection)

The most challenging aspect was splitting up the tasks that needed done and completing them in the time frame.


How clearly did you think the group explained to you?

The group explained clearly how they split up the tasks, collected the materials, structured the den and then made the final touches to it to make it more homely.
What made this clear or unclear?

When communicating this they used an informal tone which was clear and could be easily understood. They spoke proudly about their structured and conveyed this in a confident but friendly manner.

What stage of the 5Ps might have been missed out?

The team we spoke to hadn’t missed any stages out.



What was the impact of the environment on your communication?

When communicating outdoors a louder, clearer and unobstructed voice is required to ensure success. Without this, listening and responding to question would be particularly challenging.

What changes did you make when explaining to others that you might not have considered in a typical classroom?

The tone used was more informal and colloquial. This may not necessarily be suited to the regular classroom environment.

How challenging was it so speak above the sounds in the environment? How can we make this communication easier on both speaker and listener?

Communicating above the sounds of the environment such as, traffic noise, rustling trees, voices etc was quite challenging at first. After adjusting my vocalism according to it I was able to overcome this.

When listening, did the environment distract you? How can we overcome this?

The natural environment provides an element of exploration which should be encouraged. Personally, the environment didn’t distract me as I am outdoors regularly. With children, a central focus point would be necessary to ensure complete concentration.


Were your negotiations successful? Why/Why not?

No, we did not manage to gain any extra team members.
What was most challenging about these?

People had become very attached to the structure they had made and took great pride in talking about it. This meant that they wanted to stay with it and not join another team.

January 21, 2020
by Mr Burns

Reading Review Task – Chapter Five – Hargie (2011)

The ultimate aim of this chapter is to inform people of all the different approaches to and ways of questioning. This chapter has many key themes. Some of these are: the effects of questioning on the questioner and respondent and the feelings and emotions that can be conveyed and the ways of answering questions. The chapter claims that the use of open ended questions are more effective than closed questions. This is because the encouragement of social interaction is increased when there is not one specific answer, or a choice of answers. An open ended question allows for the respondent to portray their opinion more freely because they are not as restricted. The chapter states that leading questions can often lead to children feeling under pressure. Therefore, closed question may be better for children to remain within their comfort zone. Despite this, children also need to have experiences out of their comfort zone as well.

The chapter was very informative and his helped to increase my understanding of questioning. It also showed me just how influential and powerful a teachers’ words can be on the children as learners.

January 14, 2020
by Mr Burns
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