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CV: Erynn Sangster

Personal Statement

Personal Profile

I am an enthusiastic individual who supports the idea that Primary School Pupils need an exciting classroom teacher to help them with their development of English.I am currently at Dundee University studying MA (Hons) Primary Education. I have passed and finished my first year and during it I experience 6 weeks of placement in a P4 classroom where I had full responsibility for lessons, safety and organisation. I have accumulated high teamwork, communication, patience, reliability and responsibility skills through my education, extra-curricular activities and work experience.



  • Through my experience in being a dancer/choreographer I use this skill to instruct and work with other dancers effectively.
  • My previous part-time jobs involved using this skill to deal with customers and to work along side other employees smoothly.


  • I have great thinking skills to find solutions to problems, I used this a lot during my previous jobs if we would get customer complaints or questions.
  • In my school placements and dancing I am able to come up with new ideas and to be creative to make the lessons more engaging.


  • I built up my time management skills when doing lessons so I would not run over or under the allocated time. Also making sure I stick to deadlines set by the university.
  • Making sure my lesson plans matched up and followed the experiences and outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence.


  • I approach things in a positive way and I have enthusiasm for working with children.
  • Promote positive behaviour in the classroom through praise and rewards and use sanctions for poor behaviour to encourage/remind the pupils of the rules and expectations.


Kemnay Academy            August 2010 – June 2016

National 5: Business Management (A), German (A), Maths (B), English (A), Art & Design (A), Biology (B).

Higher: English (B), Art & Design (A), Biology (C), Business (A), Drama (C).

Advanced Higher: Art and Design (Expressive) (B)

University of Dundee                                                          September 2016 – 2020

MA (Hons) Education

Education modules have included, teaching across the curriculum, values, pedagogical, discovering mathematics, languages and educational studies.

Work Experience

Sales Floor Customer Assistant August 2014 – December 2014

Marks & Spencer

Customer Assistant                                               February 2015 – September 2016

Michael Howden


Communication and teamwork skills were used when working with customers.

Primary School Student Teacher March 2017 – May 2017

Alison Macgregor

University Primary School Placement

During my 6 week period of working at the school I had a lot of responsibility over children to uphold while working alongside the classroom teacher. I had to plan lessons for each day and make sure I was organised with resources for each of them. I had the responsibility whilst planning lesson to make sure my l time management was correct and making sure each child was getting the help they needed, for the care and well-being of each child and supporting each individual with their needs.

Nursery Assistant                                                             June 2017 – August 2017

Rachel Farman

Wee Rascals Summers Nursery

I practised my discipline and praising skills along with experiencing very early development of reading, writing, talking and listening skills from the children. I worked alongside a couple other assistants in each room and worked with children ranging from 6 months to 5 years old. 

Interests & Achievements

I do dance and lacrosse at university; these sport support teamwork and communication.

Costa Rica Outlook Expedition                                                                       June 2015

A 3-week expedition to Costa Rica with a team from my school. Whilst there we were in charge of our food, travel/accommodation and money. It was up to us to get us through these 3 weeks. We had 3 phases, a turtles project, trekking and rest/relaxation. It really tested our teamwork skills and made us all more independent as individuals.

Prefect & House Captain                                                                               August 2015

I was a prefect at Kemnay Academy. This involves setting examples to younger years and keeping the school grounds in order. Managing queues at lunch and break and presenting ones self as a responsible citizen. Being as House Captain made us work as a house team to earn points and be enthusiastic towards the younger years.

Dance Leadership Level 4                                                                     November 2015

Grade 5 Saxophone                                                                                         March 2014

Grade 5 Tap                                                                                                        May 2016

Rock Challenge                                                                                           February 2015