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Cover Letter



Orleans, France

30th September 2017


Dear Mrs

RE: Placement Opportunities

Through my learning from life module at university, I write to enquire about the possibility of working in Orleans, France on a short placement.

I am very keen to work with and gain experience in your French school, as I am interested in how teaching English to a different mother tongue nationality would impact and improve my English knowledge and skills. I also want to experience how foreign students pick up a new language, in particular English.

As part of my university degree in Primary Education, I am sourcing a placement in a different school setting out of Scotland for 6 weeks in March to April 2018. I believe I can be a great addition to your school because of my extensive experience with working with children in schools in Scotland.

For my degree, I have undertaken a placement in the biggest primary school in Dundee. Due to my large class size I learned to importance of behaviour management and making sure each lesson was engaging and interactive for all pupils. I learnt how to organise group lessons for all capabilities to make sure all pupils were doing work that suited them but pushed them to achieve their full potential. I had a primary 4 class and we did a lot of our daily routines in French, so I got to see how a second language is first introduced to children. I taught 4 English lessons a week, which was great as I got to progress and build on language patterns and comprehension each week with the children. These experiences will be very useful for teaching English to a different nationality, as I have experienced how children are introduced to a new language and have lots of English language experience.

In addition, I spent my summer working in a nursery with children ranging from 6 months to 5 years old. This was a key experience as I taught the very basics in the early development of learning English. From understanding letters and the alphabet to reading books, working in a nursery showed me how toddlers start to learn English through reading, writing, listening and talking.

Therefore, my range of experiences equips me well for teaching English to pupils in Orleans, France and I hope you consider me for a position. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Erynn Sangster