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Music Working Group

The subject working group for Music convened for the initial meeting on Monday 3rd February. The purpose of the day was to:

• Explore what is happening nationally in schools with regard to music education from 3-18 and beyond into post-school destinations.
• Highlight key challenges faced by practitioners both specialist and non-specialist and consider solutions.
• Discuss approaches to planning for and recording skills development and progression.
• Explore what great learning in music looks like and how can we support and share this at a national level.
• Discuss the benefits of, and sustainable approaches to, working with partners in the creative industries.

Representation was drawn from Nursery, Primary, Secondary, SEN, Further Education, and Higher Education ensuring both a breadth of discussion and the opportunity to highlight key issues across sectors.
Discussions and action planning were based on the ‘3 horizons’ planning conversations from the ‘Opening Up Transformative Innovation’ toolkit. This approach allowed us to undertake some future thinking. Discussions throughout the day included, the development of effective and sustained CPD, supporting creative approaches to music education, embedded music technology based on sound pedagogy and working in partnership with a range of stakeholders.
The subject working group provided an opportunity to discuss the development of creative approaches to music education across sectors. This working group mirrors the groups being brought together from the other Expressive Arts subject areas, Art & Design, Drama and Dance who will feed in to the Expressive Arts conversation days.
A number of issues which were highlighted at the first Expressive Arts conversation day on November 25th 2013, formed the basis for conversations, these included issues surrounding:
1. Developing practitioner confidence and capacity in teaching expressive arts
2. Creating and sustaining partnerships with arts organisations and individuals
3. Developing an effective model that balances creative space with skills development

The statements the group used to stimulate discussion through the ‘three horizons sessions,’ are shown below:

• The most effective music education is driven by the learners
• Effective CPD supports teachers, building confidence and capacity
• Music Technology should play a central role in music education
• Establishing and maintaining effective partnerships is key to successful music education
• Effective listening skills positively impact across the whole curriculum and leads to lifelong appreciation of music.
• Creative approaches to teaching and learning should be encouraged

These statements were presented from a neutral standpoint and used as conversational pieces in relation to current practice either undertaken by practitioners or observed, and future thinking about where these statements may lead.

We would invite practitioners across sectors to share their thoughts and views.

The link below provides a summary of action points discussed throughout the day.

Planning for transformation

Creative Pupils Invited to ‘Impress’ at the Scottish School Media Awards.

Pupils attending Scotland’s 422 secondary schools are being encouraged to submit their print or online ‘newspaper’ for the Scottish School Media Awards, with the best of the entries from Scotland’s young creative talent being revealed at a ceremony in Edinburgh six months from now.

The awards aim to encourage young people into careers in publishing and the creative industries, and are of particular interest to pupils who have an interest in writing, photography, design and business, giving them a unique opportunity to demonstrate their organisational skills, team work and creative flair, while gaining hands-on experience in managing a project from start to finish.

Organised by major Scottish company Menzies Distribution, the awards also aim to support the Curriculum for Excellence by building confidence and showing how different school subjects can come together as part of a wider learning experience.

There are 14 categories, from outstanding features to the most exceptional finished magazine or newspaper. Pupils have until Wednesday 30 April to submit their entries, with the imPRESS judging panel looking for projects that have evidence of strong content and commercial thinking.

Students can be guided by their teachers but the ideas, content, design and business strategy must be pupil-led. Winners of the awards will be invited to a special ceremony to be held in Edinburgh on Friday 13 June.

For more information and to register visit

School Fest 2014

School Fest 2014 is a new concept giving all UK schools the opportunity to participate in a national competition.

There is a category for Secondary Schools and one for Primary schools and all the submissions are entered online by the school, therefore all UK schools can participate no matter where their location, as there are no transport costs involved.

The majority of schools in the UK have pupils who participate in one or more of the following:-
An end of term show
A choir
An orchestra
An in house school talent competition
Talented musicians
Talented individual vocalists
Dance, drama and other performing arts groups

This is an opportunity for schools to show their skills in performing arts to a wide audience across the UK
School Fest is a great way to bring the school together in all performing arts whilst creating an environment in which pupils can gain confidence and develop skills in performance and multimedia resources by receiving independent feedback.

All schools that enter will receive written feedback on their entries from experienced industry professionals who have no contact with that region and are not familiar with the schools or any of the pupils.
Teachers and pupils will have the chance to represent the school by attending the regional and UK finals at one of the six live Talent Fest UK events but this is not obligatory.

There is no cost to the school to participate, however, Chase the Stage Events will ask schools to make all the pupils aware that they can attend any of the live Talent Fest UK festivals throughout the UK on an individual basis, if they are talented and wish to enter the National Competitions held on the day.

Download a copy of the School Fest Info Pack.

Expressive Arts Support Materials for National Qualifications

Support materials for the following courses are now available on the Education Scotland NQ Course Materials pages(glow login required).

Art & Design: National 3 and Higher
Music: National 3 and Higher
Music Technology: National 3 and Higher

The course materials have been prepared by teachers for teachers. They draw from three sources – course materials commissioned by Education Scotland, other support materials produced by teachers seconded to Education Scotland and course materials provided by teachers through their Education Authorities.

Further materials will be added as they become available.

Expressive Arts Conversation Day 2

As agreed prior to the initial Expressive Arts Conversation Day that was held in Stirling on 25th November 2013,  for those local authorities who were unable to send representatives to the first event, a second national Expressive Arts Conversation Day will take place at Eden Court Theatre on Friday 28th March, from 9.45 am to 3.45 pm.

The event will have two key purposes:

  • to identify and discuss emerging and known issues in relation to expressive arts education with a view to agreeing actions to overcome the challenges associated with these issues
  • to establish a national primary expressive arts community

Scotland Sings – Celebrate Burns

Join us live from the Glow TV Studio on Friday 24th January at 9.30am as we celebrate Burns with a feast of Scottish songs – and accompanying instruments!!

Sing along with us and learn some new songs and some new Scots language as well!

You can also tell us what you are doing to celebrate Burns in your schools – we want to hear about all the exciting things you are doing.

So join us to sing and share in our Burns celebration!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV! – Scotland Sings – Celebrate Burns

Composition in the Curriculum

The first meeting of the composition working group took place on Thursday 9th January. Throughout the day the group entered into lively discussion regarding the role of composition in the lives of young people and ways in which it could be supported in our schools.

The first meeting of the group was seen very much as a starting point to engage practitioners in a national conversation with the aim of building on existing good practice, developing creative approaches to composition and supporting delivery of composition in schools.

Throughout the day the group focussed on four main questions:

• What are the barriers to the development of composition in schools?
• What key skills need to be developed in learners to progress their abilities as composers?
• What would creative work in composition look like in schools?
• What could useful support for practitioners look like?

We would like to invite practitioners across sectors to join the conversation and share their thoughts and experience on the above questions which will help identify key issues and inform next steps for the working group.

We appreciate you taking the time to respond and look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Expressive Arts Conversation Day 1

The first Expressive Arts Conversation Day was held on 25th November 2013 at the Raploch Community Campus in Stirling. The event featured several stimulating practitioner inputs and lively discussion throughout.

The attached document is a collated record of the Implemento table discussion, which was designed to provide starting points for actions to address the key issue of the day – building practitioner confidence and capacity in relation to expressive arts:  Expressive Arts Implemento Session

The main themes we explored (identified during the morning session) were:

• Developing appropriate expressive arts CPD
• Providing appropriate support
• Developing an effective model that balances creative space with skills development
• Creating sustainable partnerships

If visitors to the site have further thoughts or ideas with regard to the issues raised/omitted from the initial conversation please use the blog to share them with colleagues across the country.

Working groups are currently being created to explore the actions suggested/required to take forward the themes listed above and also to identify further actions specific to each area of the expressive arts across all sectors.

Education Scotland will add information to the blog about progress in our partnership with primary colleagues to create and support a national expressive arts primary network. From the responses to the questions in the afternoon session, and to evaluation questions, it certainly seems the idea of a national network is one practitioners and education partners would endorse and support. The collated responses from the afternoon session about the networks are attached below:

National network responses

A second Expressive Arts Conversation Day is in the planning phase and we intend that it will probably take place in Inverness in February or early March to provide greater opportunity for our colleagues from further afield to attend. Once again, this information will be added to the blog.

You are welcome to contact me or any member of the team if there are aspects of expressive arts in general you wish to discuss in greater detail or examples of innovative practice you feel Education Scotland should see.

We look forward to continuing the conversation with you …

Dancing for diversity!

Education Scotland is taking forward capacity building activities to promote diversity and equality. At the end of November we held a very successful national conference on this in Glasgow, which was attended by over 150 participants.

The agenda included 13 workshops of best practice in eliminating discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations; several displays and stalls; an update from Education Scotland; and a keynote address from the Minister for Learning Dr Alasdair Allan, welcomed and introduced by Mary Hoey.

David Watt, Lead Officer for Diversity and Equality in Education Scotland said, ‘The day proved a great success for all who attended. Education Scotland was very pleased with the quality of the workshops and the tremendous range of equality issues featuring across the 13 workshops from early years to further education. Education Scotland’s corporate plan sets out our aim of eradicating inequity. The workshop presenters promoted the set of inclusive practices that contribute to this aim’.

Stalls exhibited materials from a number of our key groups such as Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland (BEMIS), Scottish Traveller Education Programme (STEP) who act on behalf of Gypsies and Travellers, EIS Equalities Committee, Show Racism the Red Card and Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People.

Highlights of the conference included children and young people giving their views of how they are successfully gaining the capacities of Curriculum for Excellence in the context of promoting diversity and equality. Young people from Bellahouston Academy set out a wide range of peer support, children from St Stephen’s Primary mentioned their pride in their International Day, children from Thorntree Primary highlighted the positive contribution they make as children of Showpeople and young people from Broxburn highlighted how they educated the educators about LGBT issues in their community.

As well as the children and young people contributing, delegates were able to choose from a truly diverse set of workshops from early years to colleges and communities. St Peter’s Primary Early Years staff shared their practice in working with the Polish community in Edinburgh and workshops from staff and students from further education mapped out their successes with learners who benefitted from more chances in their education. Bridging the Gap from Glasgow indicated their work with its underlying consideration of social justice in the south side of Glasgow. Kyle Academy staff and partners showed the impact in closing the gap and reducing the effect of inequalities. Grange Academy spoke and signed their approaches to inclusive practices for diverse groups of learners including young people who are deaf. Our conference was accessed by a number of participants through the provision of BSL interpreters.

As well as workshops delegates were treated to the dance performance from young people from Pilrig Park School in Leith. The young people’s enthusiasm, grace, intensity and pride was evident in their performance which was around the theme of Children’s Rights. They danced the dance of putting Children’s Rights into action! Their next show in June in the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh will draw inspiration from the Commonwealth Games.

Evaluations and tweets from participants were very positive and many commented that they looked forward to the next event.

The Queen’s Baton Design

Game on Scotland : Learning Zone Glow Meet: The Queen’s Baton Design

This session allows learners to:

  • hear from the Queen’s Baton designer Will Mitchell (4cDesign) & share their own a baton design ideas
  • find out more about the challenges of producing lawn bowls from Grant Heron Taylor bowls
  • learn how they can get involved in the Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award from Angela Greene from Primary Engineers.

In order for your learners to get involved most effectively in this session why not:

  • set your class a baton design challenge
  • prepare a 2 minute pitch of your idea to Will Mitchell from 4cDesign (Dragons’ Den Style) on the day.

Register for the Glow Meet either before Tuesday 26th November or join us on the day, 11 am – 12 noon, for the second of our Game on Scotland Technologies Glow Meets.

Glow meet sign-up:

For more information email Kirsty McFaul (DO Technologies)

Daily What Newsround – Kelpies Special!

Kelpies special with internationally renowned sculptor, Andy Scott

If you are not too full of Hallowe’en sweets this morning then please join Andrea and guest presenter Michaela for a very special Daily What Newsround with Scottish sculptor Andy Scott.

P4-7 at Bothkennar Primary School wrote a report about their visit to The Kelpies which you can read here – Kelpies Report on Daily What

Thanks to them we are devoting a whole Daily What Newsround to The Kelpies and Andy Scott will be live in the studio to answer all your questions on Scotland’s newest and most ambitious public art project.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to speak to Scotland’s renowned artist!

Sign up and join us on Friday 1st November at 11am in Glow TV!

Game On Scotland – Glow Meet

CPD session 1: Interdisciplinary learning through the 2014 Commonwealth Games
Focus: Expressive Arts & Creativity
Tuesday, 3 September, 4pm – 4.45pm
Join here:

This is the first Glow Meet in a new series around the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games highlighting opportunities for interdisciplinary across all 8 curriculum areas.
This CPD session will provide practitioners with a kaleidoscope of ideas and opportunities in using the Games as a context for learning with a specific focus on expressive arts and creativity.

Stephen Bullock (Development Officer, Creativity and Innovation) will demonstrate the value of creativity and highlight creativity skills in the ‘Creating ambitions beyond sport’ learning journey. (
Ron Cowie (Senior Education Officer, Expressive Arts) will present two brand new learning journeys and explain how these link to the Commonwealth Games theme. The journeys will feature opportunities for skills development and inter-disciplinary learning across expressive arts and other areas of the curriculum.
Simon Sharkey (National Theatre Scotland) will introduce teachers to the opportunity to connect with a major Eco arts programme that will culminate in a spectacular and high profile series of performances in an iconic Glasgow building. We are seeking schools from across Scotland to participate in all sorts of ways, some of which I will describe at the Glow meet.
Klaus Mayer (Development Officer, Games Legacy) will provide an update of the latest engagement opportunities available through Games on Scotland

Join us, quiz us, plan with us…. – we are looking forward to meeting with you and answering any questions you may have in developing your Games related learning

War Horse – Exclusive Launch

Glow TV is delighted to be able to host the Exclusive Launch on Tuesday 11th June at 11am!

War Horse is the theatrical phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. At the heart of this awe-inspiring show are life-sized puppets which bring galloping, charging horses to life on stage. Now you are invited to a unique opportunity to meet one of these truly remarkable puppets up close at an exclusive launch event.

You are invited to see the central character, Joey, in action and discover first-hand how these “living, breathing steeds” are created and brought to life in what has become one of the most anticipated theatrical productions in years.

Joining us will be Finn Caldwell of Handspring Puppet Company and Associate Puppetry Director for War Horse, and Stephen Rebbeck (Managing Director for War Horse around the world)

The exhilarating story of a young man’s journey to find his beloved horse Joey, against the backdrop of World War One, is an incredibly powerful production. It’s a spectacle you need to see to believe!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV – War Horse – Exclusive Launch

Working in the Music Business

Yes World of Work Wednesdays is back again just in time for the summer break!

This event will give you a great insight into the real world of the music industry. The UK music business employs 150,000 people and is worth £3.5billion to the UK economy. We’ve brought together experts from all aspects of the industry including a manager, a singer, a record producer and a marketing manager.

As well as discussing their different roles, they will also be taking your questions. So if you want to ask, “how do I break into the music business”, “how do I get my song on iTunes”, “how can I get my band on T in the Park”, “is X Factor a good way of starting out”, or anything else you can think of then this is your chance!

You’ll hear from the panel that there are many career opportunities in the industry and how certain school subjects such as English, Maths, Art, ICT and of course Music can help you achieve them. With an interactive pop quiz included, it promises to be a fun, interesting and exciting event and we hope to see you there!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV on Wednesday 5th June at 2pm – Working in the Music Business

Look, Capture, Create

Curious and creative learners from across Scotland have been exploring the importance and beauty of Scottish Biodiversity through Scottish designer/illustrator Johanna Basford’s exhibition ‘Wonderlands’ via Glow TV. This interdisciplinary learning experience has been developed in partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts and is being supported by Sarah Derrick, Head of Education at DCA and Anna Rossvoll, Emerging Technologies Development Officer with Education Scotland. 

Look Capture Create outline for educators

Johanna Basford is an ink evangelist who creates beautifully intricate hand drawn designs using black ink. ‘Wonderlands’ is her first solo exhibition and it is proving to be a magical context for creative learning through expressive arts, science, mathematics and languages.

Before the project went live learners were invited to join the Look, Capture, Create Glow group by submitting an InkyME! The response was astounding. Currently there are  InkyMEs exhibiting from Burravoe, Carron, Clackmannan, Hythehill, Lochgelly West, Lincluden, St Andrews and St Patricks primary schools.  The InkyMEs have even travelled to Dundee to attend the first live Glow TV event ‘Wondertales’ at Dundee Contemporary Arts on 13th May.

‘Wondertales’ encouraged learners to look at the intricacy of Johanna’s designs and to capture the detail in words to create a Wondertale!  Wendy Woolfson, an incredibly talented storyteller led the event, creating breath taking stories based on three of Johanna’s wallpaper designs. She then went on to create a collaborative tale as learners submitted their ideas live during the event. You can watch Wendy in action here.

This use of an exhibition as a form of text truly captured the imagination of learners and they have submitted incredible  Wondertales to the Glow wiki.  Learners are taking the  time to read each other’s work and leave comments. It would be lovely if you could do the same. (Glow username and password required)

Keep up to date with the Look, Capture, Create Glow blog and the next Look, Capture, Create Glow TV event will take place at Dundee Botanical Gardens at 10am on the 4th June.

Choices for Life Online 2013

Choices for Life Online is pleased to announce its first event for the 2013 – 2014 school year!

The live broadcast is aimed at all P7 pupils and their teachers in Scotland with a focus around the risks and dangers of alcohol, negative peer pressure and substance misuse.
Choices for Life provides credible information to our young people on a range of important issues facing them in 21st Century Scotland in an inclusive, engaging and thought-provoking manner, to help them make positive lifestyle decisions and maximise their future potential.

Join us to see drama, video clips, music and have the opportunity to join a Glow Chat where pupils can comment on what they have seen in relation to key themes (drugs, alcohol and tobacco).

Watch ‘Liam’s Story’ which explores the issues around negative peer pressure and smoking. After this specially commissioned film there will be a chance for you to ask questions to a panel of studio guests examining the range of issues,including family,negative peer pressure, substance misuse, aspirations and regret.
There are also teaching resources available on the website to help you have a classroom discussion about Liam’s Story or do some further activities around the drama – Teaching Resources

The event will be live and presented by Mark Martin and Laura Marks from our very own Choices for Life TV studio and will also include some other fantastic video clips and messages from other inspirational role models and sporting stars.

Choices for Life Online is pleased to announce its first event for the 2013 – 2014 school year!

The live broadcast is aimed at all P7 pupils and their teachers in Scotland with a focus around the risks and dangers of alcohol, negative peer pressure and substance misuse.
Choices for Life provides credible information to our young people on a range of important issues facing them in 21st Century Scotland in an inclusive, engaging and thought-provoking manner, to help them make positive lifestyle decisions and maximise their future potential.

Join us to see drama, video clips, music and have the opportunity to join a Glow Chat where pupils can comment on what they have seen in relation to key themes (drugs, alcohol and tobacco).

Watch ‘Liam’s Story’ which explores the issues around negative peer pressure and smoking. After this specially commissioned film there will be a chance for you to ask questions to a panel of studio guests examining the range of issues,including family,negative peer pressure, substance misuse, aspirations and regret.
There are also teaching resources available on the website to help you have a classroom discussion about Liam’s Story or do some further activities around the drama – Teaching Resources

The event will be live and presented by Mark Martin and Laura Marks from our very own Choices for Life TV studio and will also include some other fantastic video clips and messages from other inspirational role models and sporting stars.

We look forward to hearing from you on the day !

The event will be delivered twice on the same day, to maximise and facilitate as many pupils as possible to view. Sign up for Wednesday 20th November – Morning Event at 10.30am OR Wednesday 20th November – Afternoon Event at 1.30pm.

We look forward to hearing from you on the day!

Glasgow 2014 Athletes’ Village Art Competition – register your interest now!

Game On Scotland is asking every school in Scotland to get their pupils to design posters to be placed in the rooms of the Athletes’ Village. We’ll guarantee to every individual school that takes part that their chosen artwork will be displayed in the village – your pupils’ work could end up in the bedroom of Usain Bolt, Tom Daley or any of the talented athletes coming to Scotland from all over the world.

At the end of the Games, athletes and officials will be encouraged to take your art as a gift from the people of Scotland and, excitingly, to write back to you offering their thanks.

Pre-register you interest for the competition now.

Simple Acts for Schools is Back!

Simple Acts is back for Refugee Week Scotland 2013 – Get Your School Involved!

The Simple Acts campaign is about inspiring people to use small, everyday actions to change our perceptions of refugees.

For 2013, we have chosen four simple acts, which we think are great ways for the students in your school to get involved. They fit in perfectly with Curriculum for Excellence objectives, the theme of heritage for Refugee Week Scotland 2013, and are great fun too!

These acts will be delivered live through in Glow TV throughout May by Scottish Refugee Council’s Arts & Cultural Development Volunteer Rhea Lewis. Read more on Rhea’s Blog

Glow TV events include:
Share a Story – Wednesday 1 May, 11am
This Simple Act is most suited for P1-P5. A story from another country will be told to students during the Glow Meet, followed by discussion.

Find an object that tells a story of your heritage – Wednesday 8 May, 11am
This Glow Meet is suitable for P6 upwards.During this session the students will explore the meaning of heritage and will be shown objects that reflect as aspect of our heritage chosen by refugees.

Cook a Dish from another country – Wednesday 29 May, 11am
In this Glow Meet students will be able to cook along with the Rhea.The dish will be a simple recipe from another country.

You may also be interested in the Simple Acts 2013 Teacher Pack.

Scotland Sings Again

Join us once again live from the Glow TV Studio for an interactive sing along session!

This time we will be joined by Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller, two talented young singers and musicians recognised as shining stars on the Scottish folk scene. They are both blessed with lovely, natural voices that blend beautifully, and their performances focus strongly on communicating through traditional and contemporary song.

During the session the ladies will be singing 3 songs that you can learn and join in with in your classrooms. We hope that you can join us!!

Sign up and join us live at 2pm on Wednesday 1st May in Glow Tv- Scotland Sings Again.

Daily What Newsround Football Special

Join us on Friday 26th April at 11am for another fun mix of news, quizzes and missing words presented by Andrea and Melissa of the Daily What team.

We are delighted that our guest will be Richard McBrearty, curator of the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Stadium

Please get in touch with any questions about the history of football in Scotland, or questions about Hampden, and any other football matters you can think of!

Please send any questions to use via our contact form – Contact Form

Sign up and join us in Glow TV – Daily What Newsround 26 April 2013

Authors Live – Polly Dunbar and the Long Nosed Puppets

Polly Dunbar and Long Nose PuppetsGlow TV and Authors Live is getting ready to set sail on the high seas for a magical adventure on board Arthur’s Dream Boat, with the award-winning team of Polly Dunbar and Long Nose Puppets.

This exclusive performance will combine the magic of Polly’s latest picture book, Arthur’s Dream Boat, with the artistry and drama of puppet theatre.

Register on the Scottish Book Trust website now to book your seats on Arthur’s Dream Boat, and don’t worry, this boat is big enough for everyone! Everyone who registers to watch the event will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a class set of Polly’s books.

This live webstream event is suitable for Nursery-P3 or ages 4-7.

After watching the live webstream in the morning why not join us for an interactive question and answer session with Polly Dunbar and her Long Nose Puppets live in the Glow TV Studio at 1.30pm. Sign up and join us in Glow TV.

You can ask her whatever you like and hopefully she’ll have enough time to answer as many of your questions as possible!

Featured community – Learning about Scotland

Providing Scottish contexts for learning has been the job (and passion) of Jenni Curson of Education Scotland. She was a prime mover behind the Studying Scotland online resource and to complement this resource, she founded the Learning About Scotland online community (aka #lscot)

Many of the members of the community were recruited as result of Jenni’s sessions in schools and local authorities. The community’s Share area features more than 30 free lesson plans for all levels which is the result of a collaboration with Digi-Map. A quick glance at the #lscot Change area shows a number of colleagues intending to bring a Scottish dimension to their practice.

Look out too in summer term for an affiliated community from the Scottish Council on Archives.

Jenni moves on this week to take up a depute’s post in Argyll and Bute but will continue to be active in the #lscot community, so we can look forward to sharing her expertise for the foreseeable future. I wish her all the best in her new post!

Like all of the PL communities on Glow, colleagues on this community are making their professional learning visible for the benefit of other educators. You can find the community on the drop-down on or go straight to

V&A at Dundee – Teachers’ Survey

The V&A at Dundee invites primary and secondary school teachers from across Scotland to take part in an online survey which will help to shape an education programme for the organisation.

V&A at Dundee’s aim is to offer a programme which will encourage interdisciplinary practice and learning, covering a wide range of Curriculum for Excellence areas.  For example, a session looking at Hollywood costume
might discuss the use of costume design to represent particular faiths and debate issues of potential stereotyping, or how people of different faiths are represented in film genres. A session looking at green design would explore
moral issues about climate change and sustainability.

If you’d like to participate in the online survey, please click on the following link.

Choices for Life Online – Winning Awards

The large Choices for Life venue music events run by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency were the highlight of many a Primary 7’s year but not everyone could get to a live event and learn more about making the right choices for their life.

That is until November 2011 when Choices for Life Online began. During the course of two days over 25,000 pupils from across Scotland tuned in to watch the new Online experience provided to them through Glow TV. The live webstreams featured thought provoking drama pieces from PACE and interviews with celebrities who all wanted to help youngsters think about making the right choices about their lives.

Since then the format of the broadcast has continued to be a massive success with young people having the opportunity to tune in either via a Glow TV live webstream or though Glow Meet with the session being repeated on the same day so noone misses out!

This huge success was marked yesterday when Choices for Life Online was awareded a presitgious award at the Scottish Police Awards for Making Communities Safer. The competition was fierce with 4 other excellent projects in the same category so the representatives from SCDEA and Glow were surprised to be honoured and receive the award from Kenny MacAskill, Cabinet Secretary for Justice and be congratulated by Dougie Vipond, Scottish television personality.

You can keep up to date with Choices for Life Online both in our Choice for Life Online Glow Group and on the excellent Choices for Life Online website which was launched in September 2012.

Well done Choices for Life and make a date in your diary for the next event which will be held on May 22nd -more details nearer the time in Glow TV.

Comic Relief Day 2013

This year Glow TV is celebrating Red Nose Day which is on Fridat 15th March with two fun packed events!

Kicking off Comic Relief Day at 9.30am we want you to log in and share what you will be doing on the day to raise money. You can tell us on our special Red Nose Chat Board and we’ll give you a special shout out or if you are doing a song or dance we’d love to see it! We know that you will be doing lots of new and exciting ways to raise money for Comic Relief 2013 and we want you to share them with us on the day!

If you do want to perform and want a practice beforehand all you’ll need is a webcam and mic and I will happily do a test session for you before the day. Contact Jen on – However if you are confident and can turn up on the day and let us see you then that is fine too! – Sign up and join us in Glow TV.

Then as your Comic Relief 2013 fun in school is drawing to a close why not join us for an hour of live Red Nose entertainment from Banchory Primary in Clackmannanshire?

Join us from 2pm for a Red Nose Day Parade, performances from P 1-3, an interactive quiz that you can play along with in your classrooms and live singing in Polish and English!

As if that wasn’t enough P4 and P6 will entertain you with Comic Relief sketches to round off the afternoon of fun and laughter join the school in a conga! Sign up and join us in Glow TV

And remember if you join us for eithr event make sure tht you make a donation to Comic Relief 2013 through your school!

Wise Up Wednesday: World Book Day

Polly Dunbar and Long Nose Puppets

Did you know that tomorrow is World Book day?

As part of the celebrations the Scottish Children’s Book Awards Ceremony is being streamed live from the Caird Hall in Dundee on Thursday 7th March. This is likely to be suitable for learners in P1 to S4. You can find out more about the event of glow tv here.

In April there is a treat for the children in the early years – Polly Dunbar and the Long Nose Puppets. There are 2 parts to this – the first is a live stream from the BBC. More information for Glow users can be found here. If you don’t have access to glow you can check it out on the Scottish Book Trust website here.

After the BBC live stream glow users will be able to access a question and answer session from the Glow TV Studio. You can register for this here.

How are you celebrating World Book Day with children and families? Let us know in the comments!

Scottish Children’s Book Awards Ceremony

Join us in Glow TV on Thursday 7th March at 1.30pm to celebrate World Book Day with the 1000-strong audience in the Caird Hall for the 2012 Scottish Children’s Book Awards Ceremony live.

There will be readings, music, illustration, Oscar-worthy drama performances, song, readings, interviews, all of the shortlisted authors and illustrators and of course, the announcement of the wining books as chosen by over 32,000 children across Scotland.

Like the awards, the event is suitable for children in P1-S4. This event is a live web stream from the event and the link to this and to sign up is available in Glow TV.

A Man Came to A Women Glow Meet

On Wednesday 6th March at 1.45pm join acclaimed Russian director Natalya Leonovan live from the Tron Theatre for a sneak peek into the rehearsal room while she works on ‘A Man Came to a Woman’ with two Scottish based actors. This is a rare opportunity to watch a professional at work and see live the different rehearsal techniques Natalya uses to enable the actors to become equipped to perform the piece.

This is the first UK staging of Semyon Zlotnikov’s brilliant physical comedy and is being made in collaboration with ALEKO Theatre St Petersburg. Banned in the USSR and hugely popular in post-Soviet Russia, Zlotnikov’s surreal farce satires the age-old conundrum of how exactly two people of a certain age and an uncertain future meet and get along.

This event is aimed at S4-6 drama students but would suitable and of interest to younger pupils also. Sign up and join us in Glow TV.

Careers in Theatre – 26th February

Careers in Theatre is the Festival Theatre Edinburgh, The Lyceum Theatre and The Traverse Theatre’s unique interactive one day careers event. Join us live in Glow TV on Tuesday 26th February for 3 unique sessions each one hosted at a different theatre.

Front of House and Box Office Session – 10 – 11.30am

In our first session find out how the operational side of the Traverse Theatre works with representatives from our Front of House and Box Office teams. This workshop will explain and explore how we go about creating the best possible experience for our customers/audiences before and after they have been to one of our shows. Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

Technical Theatre – 12 – 1.30pm
During this second event find out more about a day in the life of a theatre technician, with Graham Raith, Head of Electrics at the Festival and King’s Theatres. Including on stage visit to see Scottish Opera’s set of Massenet’s Werther. Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

Acting and Directing – 2.30- 3.30pm

During this session learn more about acting and directing in a Producing Theatre, whilst meeting some of the people involved in Time and the Conways. A great chance to find out how to make a career as an actor or director. Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

The event is aimed at 5th & 6th year pupils interested in pursuing a career in the theatre, and will also act as a CPD session for Drama, Guidance/Support Teachers and Career’s Advisors. It may also be of interest to upper primary and early secondary pupils also interested in the theatre.

Join us for some or all of these exciting events and learn more about the careers involved in theatre and remember that all the events will be recorded and available in Glow TV’s Watch Again section.

Taking a closer look at the National Assessment Resource: A professional learning resource

Education Scotland have recently developed this professional learning resource.  It provides an opportunity to reflect on effective practice in learning, teaching and assessment, drawing on the work published on the National Assessment Resource (NAR).  It also provides a structured look at the NAR flow chart as a tool for planning effective learning, teaching, moderation and assessment.

The resource can be used by individual practitioners keen to reflect and improve on their assessment practice as well as pairs, groups of practitioners, associated school groups (ASGs) or clusters working collegiately to reflect on and improve practice.

It is available to download from the Education Scotland website and welcome section on NAR.  There will be a Glow meet on Wednesday the 13th of February at 8:20am and Thursday the 14th at 4:15pm to explore the resource further.

Paper Creativity Challenge Week 4

Join us for more fun and activities in our Paper Creativity Challenge when this week we will be investigating embellishing paper. Once again we have a range of exciting Glow Meets that you can become involved in – find out more….

Paper Cuts: Painting with Scissors – Monday 4th February at 11am

Paper cutting has a long history and Matisse called it “painting with scissors”

Starting with 19th century Victorian silhouette portrait cut outs and moving onto 19th century Polish Leluja cut outs with a big emphasis on symmetry you can take part and work along or watch and try it afterwards (a list of materials needed is included on the Glow TV advert)

Then the session will look at 20th century Matisse cut out, collages and stencil and end up with 21st century artists’ cut outs looking at a few examples and ideas. Join us in Glow TV – Paper Cuts: Painting with Scissors

Look after your Planet by Lauren Childs – Tuesday 5th February at 11am

Join us again for our final exciting reading with our Paper Princess Margo from West Lothian!

This time listen to ‘Look after your Planet’ by Lauren Child and find out about this week’s creativity challenge.

And in a special addition to this event we also have a reading of Lauren’s Clarice Bean picture book – ‘What Planet are You From?’ which is again about environmental themes.There are some great ideas in there of creating a beautiful tree using paper for leaves. – Look after your Planet

Storybird- Thursday 7th February at 2pm

‘Storybird is a visual storytelling community. A global hub of readers, writers, and artists of all ages.

This 45 min Glow meet will share how to explore and create digital stories using beautiful artwork. Join Anna to find out more – Storybird

Flexible Routes to Headship Programme – Cohort 7

Join us on Glow TV on Monday 4th February at 3.45pm for a session presented by Laura McAllister and Kate Paton from Education Scotland looking at Flexible Routes to Headship.

During the session there will be information shared with regards to the programme content, timeline , key roles and responsibilities and how Education Scotland will support coaches and participants in their learning journey.

Our target audience are Local authority officers with responsibility for leadership development and promoted staff in all schools and early years establishments who are interested in achieving The Standard for Headship.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

Paper Creativity Challenge – Building With Paper

Our successful Paper Creativity Challenge continues and this we are challenging you to build structures with paper. Once again we have a range of exciting Glow Meets that you can become involved in – find out more….

Paper Structures – Monday 28th January at 11am

Join Syrah live from the Dundee Contemporary Arts activity room where she will demonstrate three examples of origami folding.Firstly the 3D tree using a recycled magazine, secondly the flapping bird a classic origami design with great decorative possibilities, and lastly the Kusudama flower ball. Sign up in Glow TV and find out what materials you will need if you want to work along with Syrah – Paper Structures

The Great Paper Caper – Tuesday 29th January at 11am

Once again join our Paper Princess Margo from West Lothian for an exciting reading! This time listen to the mystery of the Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers and find out about this week’s creativity challenge. Sign up and join us in Glow TV – The Great Paper Caper.

Scratch – Thursday 31st January at 10am
Join Derek Robertson and pupils from Newburgh Primary School, Fife for an introduction to Scratch and to learn about the launch of a Scratch Glow TV channel.

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art – and share your creations on the web! Sign up and join us in Glow TV – Scratch

Remember if you have missed any of the challenges then please go to the Watch Again section in Glow TV and view the recordings of all the events that have already happened in the Paper Creativity Challenge.

Julia Donaldson Event – Running on the Cracks

The Tron Theatre will stage an exciting new show Running on the Cracks , an adaptation by Andy Arnold of the Julia Donaldson book of the same name. This new show will be staged in February 2013 and is a co-production with Pilot Theatre Company, York. Running on the Cracks is a fast moving new play about runaways, identity, survival and how friendships can develop in the strangest situations.

Join Julia Donaldson, children’s laureate for a Glow Meet live on Tuesday 29th January at 1.45pm from the Tron for this exciting event. Julia will discuss her inspiration for the book and will answer your questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to speak with one of the UK’s leading children’s author.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

Scottish Chamber Orchestra – A Little Book of Monsters

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s Family Concert on Saturday 9 February features a new song book for a chorus of 300 children – A Little Book of Monsters. With lyrics by Matt Harvey and music by Stephen Deazley the book is full of songs about the kind of creatures that live under your bed….

Join Stephen Deazley and Matt Harvey for an exciting Glow TV event on Tuesday 29th January live from Broomhouse Primary in Edinburgh at 9.30am where you’ll get the chance to ask questions, take part in creative interactive activities and find out what it is like to be a composer or poet!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

Assessment Professional Learning Community on Glow

The assessment team at Education Scotland are developing a professional learning community on Glow, in collaboration with practitioners across Scotland.

There are a number of opportunities in our Learn area, including a suite of Glow meets from January to March 2013:

Date           Time                 Title

24.1.13      3:45 – 4:10    What is NAR?
29.1.13      8:20 – 8:45   The Moderation Process
31.1.13      3:45 – 4:10    The Moderation Process
06.2.13      8:20 – 8:45    Making Good Assessment Decisions
07.2.13      3:45 – 4:10    Making Good Assessment Decisions
13.2.13      8:20– 8:45     NAR professional learning resource
14.2.13      3:45 – 4:10    NAR professional learning resource
20.2.13      8:20 – 8:45    Profiling
21.2.13      3:45 – 4:10    Profiling
6.3.13        8:20 – 8:45    Glow to support assessment
7.3.13        3:45 – 4:10    Glow to support assessment

In the Share area, we continue to add a number of key power points which staff can use to explore the ideas in Building the Curriculum 5, including the ’10 key assessment messages’ and ‘What is NAR?’
You can always get help in our Support area and in the Change area you can add an intention of what you are going to do to improve assessment in the classroom, the wider school community, across the local authority or inter-authority.

I hope you will take the time to sign up and spread the word! And of course you are more than welcome to join us for the Glow meets and watch any you missed here:

Further titles published in series of Professional Focus Papers

Education Scotland has published further titles in its series of Professional Focus Papers.  These materials have been designed to assist those supporting learners as they work towards the new qualifications.

The papers highlight important features of learning which are enhanced or different from previous arrangements. They provide advice on approaches to learning and teaching which build directly on those used in the 3-15 Broad General Education in order to promote continuity in learners’ acquisition of knowledge, understanding and skills. The papers are also intended to stimulate professional reflection and dialogue about learning. 

This set of materials covers a variety of subjects at National 4 and National 5: Lifeskills Mathematics, Mathematics, Care, Latin and Classical Studies. 

Also available, at National 5 only: Dance, Psychology, Sociology and Economics. 

They come as part of the development of exemplar course materials across the full range of National 4 and National 5 qualifications, being managed by Education Scotland in partnership with ADES. 

The Professional Focus Papers are now available for download on the National Qualifications area of the Education Scotland website.

Burns Bash

Join us for our celebration of the birth of Burns and the life and work of our famous bard on Friday 25th January at 9.30am. This year we want you to be able to share what you have been doing in your schools and classrooms so join us for our Burns Bash!!

If you would like to share your Scottish poems, dances or art work then make sure that you are with us that day to let other schools see what you have been doing – remember we always need an audience too so if you don’t want to perform then please just join us anyway!!

Taking part in the Glow Meet is easy – just email Jen McDougall and let her know what you would like to do and she will organise a short test with your webcam/microphoe to ensure that you are ready to go on the day.

If you have any Burns/Scottish art work that you would like to share then please send that to Jen as well and that will be showcased on the day too on our Scottish Showcase Sharepod!

During the event we will be joined by Newburgh Primary who wowed us with their ukulele playing in our recent Scotland’s Got Talent Glow TV event and a piper who will be piping us in to our show and bringing it to a close.

So get your shortbread and Irn-Bru (or other Scottish themed foods!) and join us for a fun and interactive session.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

Win a Visit from Clyde, the Glasgow 2014 Mascot

The Game On Scotland team wishes you a Happy New Year with the offer of registering to win a visit from Clyde, the official Glasgow 2014 mascot.

Clyde – Glasgow 2014’s official mascot – has been busy visiting local communities over the last few months to let everyone know more about the Commonwealth Games and in the New Year he is keen to visit as many schools as he can. And your school or establishment can win a visit through Game On Scotland, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games education programme. If you want to find out what Clyde and his creator Beth Gilmour have been up to over the last year watch the short film ‘My year with Clyde’.

If you have already registered with Game On Scotland you will automatically be entered into the free prize draw, and you will receive an email soon to confirm this.

But, if you haven’t already registered for Game On Scotland – now is the time to do it! If you sign up between now and 1 February 2013 you will be in with the chance to have Clyde visit your school or establishment.

All you have to do is register with Game On Scotland then complete the short survey monkey questionnaire with a few more details and you will automatically be entered into the prize draw to win this exciting opportunity. You will then also be able to keep an eye on the Game on Scotland website for further updates and exciting content over the coming months.

Register for Game On Scotland at

This competition is for Scottish schools out with Glasgow City Council – Glasgow City Council state schools should apply by writing to: ;

Terms and condiditopns apply: Game On Scotland Mascot Visit Draw – terms and conditions

Happy New Year!

Red Nose Day is back! – 15 March 2013

Want to plan a humdinger of a Red Nose Day? Leave it to your students, 

says John Duncan of Westhill Academy

Just days from the end of last Red Nose Day I couldn’t help thinking about the next one. What would my students come up with this time? ‘Gunge your students’ had gone down extremely well, especially with the teachers, and had raised three times the money of the teacher-gunging the previous Red Nose Day.

Some people think that running Red Nose Day is too much of a challenge – it’s time consuming and there are too many other demands on the school day. Our academy is testament to the fact that it isn’t and there aren’t, especially if you get your students to run it! In 2011 they ran a monster campaign, organised in their lunchtimes and raised a massive £13,000. Everyone had a fantastic time and no one missed out on their schoolwork. More than that, our students learnt and did things they might not have done in traditional lessons. They planned events, talked to local businesses to secure sponsorship and support and raised awareness of important issues. This really boosted their confidence and developed skills and experience that will be invaluable to them in later life, and will stand out on personal statements and CVs as they plan for university and beyond.

Just ten weeks before Red Nose Day the students start planning. We’ve found that starting any earlier can be counter-productive as interest and momentum wane. At the beginning of the spring term students are invited to Friday-lunchtime meetings. As Red Nose Day gets closer they spend a couple of lunchtimes a week organising the activities.

About 20 students sign up at the start, rising to around 60 as the campaign builds. Much of the organising is done by a core group of older students, with help and support from the younger ones. It’s encouraging to see the quieter students getting involved, those students who may not have much to do in their lunchtimes. The campaign gives them an opportunity to take part in something important and make a contribution, however small.

A month ahead of the day, the students launch the event with posters all around the academy. Throughout February they are busy planning and organising in their spare time – we never see a drop in the timetable.

Red Nose Day week kicks off with an assembly to raise awareness of what Red Nose Day is for, and why the academy is doing what they are doing. As with the other activities, the students run this themselves, using video clips and materials from Comic Relief’s website. It’s really important in motivating students to raise funds. When they see that the money they raise will make a difference to people’s lives they become more engaged and raise more money.

During Red Nose Day week the students hold a series of lunchtime events, for example five-a-side football, gunge, Wii events and lunchtime concerts. Throughout the week there is a focus on simple activities with small targets and small tasks. If every child raises £10, you’ll raise £10,000 in a school of our size.

As well as the smaller-scale activities, the students organise an event at our local hotel, which provides the venue and support for free. ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ was our last extravaganza. The students’ and teachers’ performances were excellent, especially the teachers’ rendition of Take That’s ‘Relight my Fire’. I think I can say we made it our own.

Everything leads up to the day itself. In 2011, in the last hour and a half of the school day, we had a funfair in the grounds with old-fashioned stalls and giant inflatables. Again the students did the negotiating, and generous local companies provided the inflatables free of charge. Everybody came to school in circus fancy dress and individual students did all kinds of things to raise money – sponsored runs, silences, dress-ups – and of course they bought Red Noses.

Which brings me right back to the beginning. What will my students come up with for the next Red Nose Day? Who knows?

But I do know that if they own it, they will run with it and make it a success. The benefits to them will be enormous and they will help change lives. And it won’t take over the school, nor take over teaching time.

And I know I can look forward to seeing them taking the lead and driving something through, if ever I needed reminding of just what they’re capable of and how amazing they are.

John Duncan, Westhill Academy, Aberdeenshire

Take Part in the Paper Creativity Challenge!

Over the next 4 weeks we are asking you to take part in our great new Paper Creativity Challenge which will involve exploring the properties of digital and physical paper through a variety of different and exciting activities!

We start this challenge on Monday 14th January at 11am with a visit to Dundee Contemporary Arts where we will begin our investigations with a Paper Making Workshop. During this Glow TV event you will learn how to make delicate and wonderful hand made papers from pulps.

Learn simple techniques suitable for using at home such as how to create a smooth surface texture for printing on, soaking and blendng recycled paper, and then also painting with coloured pulp. You can add decorative materials to make designs and also create your own watermark. Join us to learn more about this and then try it out in your own classrooms or homes. Sign up in Glow TV – Paper Making Workshop.

We continue our challenge on Tuesday 15th January with a visit to Bruntsfield Primary School in Edinburgh with Catherine Rayner as she reads her book ‘Ernest’. Meet Ernest who is a rather large moose with a rather large problem. He is so big he can’t fit inside his book! What is a moose to do? Luckily Ernest is also a very determined moose, and he and his little chipmunk friend aren’t going to give up easily. Will they find a way for Ernest to fit in?

During this exciting session you will have the opportunity to read and explore the story of Ernest with early years pupils (approx 20 mins) and then Catherine will work with older children and demonstrate to them how to illustrate texts, in particular Ernest. Ideally learners should have paper and paint so that they can also try the techniques. Sign up and join us in Glow TV – Ernest.

And there is more of this challenge to come! Keep watching this blog and the Glow TV schedule……..

Launch of the Scottish Education Awards

The Scottish Education Awards 2013 were launched on Monday 3 December by Michael Russell, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning. 

The awards celebrate the hard work and success in Scottish education. They recognise the achievements of people who dedicate their lives to children and young people and showcase the valuable work and innovation in learning environments across Scotland.

Nominations for the 2013 awards can be submitted from now until 22 February 2013. Please circulate and share this information.

These are the award categories:

  • Active Nation Award
  • Education Supporter of the Year Award
  • Aiming High Award
  • Enterprise and Employability across Learning Award (Primary)
  • Enterprise and Employability across Learning Award (Secondary)
  • Gaelic Awareness Award
  • Global Citizenship Award
  • Health and Wellbeing Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Learning Through Technology Award
  • Literacy Across Learning Award
  • Sustainable Schools Award
  • Teacher of the Year Award
  • Probationary Teacher of the Year Award
  • Headteacher of the Year Award

For more information visit the Scottish Education Awards website.

Learning for Sustainability – report published

Learning for Sustainability – the report of the One Planet Schools Working Group, was published 17 December 2012. 

The report includes strategic recommendations to support the development of coherent whole school approaches to ensure that learning for sustainability, global citizenship and outdoor learning are experienced in a transformative way by every learner in every school across Scotland. The report includes a number of recommendations relating to career-long professional learning and initial teacher education and advocates genuine partnerships with local communities and action to improve the sustainability of the school estate. A key ambition of the report is to provide an agenda for strategic change that will create an enabling framework, remove barriers, and build on existing excellent practice.

Dr Alasdair Allan, Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages said:
“I welcome the publication of Learning for Sustainability and would like to thank the Working Group for their work and commitment to producing the report and recommendations. As we approach the Year of Natural Scotland in 2013, the report reminds us of the importance of learning which connects young people to local and global issues, an integral part of Curriculum for Excellence.

“A wide range of actions have been taken as part of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and we welcome steps to encourage and support schools in their approach to sustainability and global citizenship, including through outdoor learning.

“We will take time to consider the report, to engage with partners on its recommendations and respond in full in March 2013.”

The report can be downloaded from: 

See the associated Engage in Education blog from Professor Pete Higgins, Chair of the One Planet Schools Working Group:

Cinderella – The Panto Interview

Join us for a live interview with cast members of the Lyceum’s production of Cinderella on Wednesday 19th December at 1.45pm.

This panto is new twist on a classic tale, where Cinderella is relocated to modern-day Paris where she lives with her father and longs for the love and glamour of a rather unique Prince. Her world is shattered by the arrival of the wonderfully hilarious and awful ‘new sisters’ and their truly terrifying mother, Monique.

Join the rather scary Monique and the lovely Cinderella herself for a unique opportunity to ask them your very own questions!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV or if you mis it make sure you see the recording through Watch Again.

Christmas Talent Show

Yes it is that time of year again where we showcase some of the great talent from aroud Scotland and we want to hear from you!!

Whether you want to sing/dance/recite poetry or tell us jokes we would love to hear from you. You can perform individually, in a group or as a whole class – it’s up to you how you do it!

You can let us know if you want to perform on the day and we can sort out all the technical side so we can see and hear you if necessary on the day too!

We’ll also need a great audience so even if you don’t want to perform you can sign up and join us on the day for some festive fun!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV on Thursday 20th Decmeber at 1.45pm – we look forward to seeing you then!

Wise Up Wednesday: Santa Glow Meet

Never used Glow meet before? Now is the ideal time because Santa Claus is coming to town!

Don’t delay – tune in and join the Christmas fun!

Santa Glow Meet, 14 December, 11 am

For full details of this and other events, please log in to Glow and view the current schedule:

(Glow log-in and password required).

Opening up the Future: It’s your future

It’s my Future is a song created by children, young people and adult learners to express their views on how learning needs to change to fulfil their aspirations. It demonstrates what exciting modern learning can look like.

Education Scotland want to hear from children and young people across Scotland about their hopes and aspirations for the future.

On Tuesday December 4 2012 at 11am Education Scotland will host a national event in Inveralmond Community High School. The event led, by young people, will help shape future developments in learning and teaching. This Glow TV session will enable children and young people to speak directly to Craig Munro, one of Education Scotland’s strategic directors, and share their views about learning and teaching.

These views will be taken into consideration as the organisation shapes its corporate improvement plan priorities. There will be an opportunity to see the launch of the music video and follow links to inspirational learning taking place in Scottish education.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV on the day or view the recording in Watch Again.

What is Remembrance? – Wounded

This year Poppyscotland have teamed up with Glow TV to bring you a series of events about remembrance. This is the final event in this series.

From 20th – 23rd November 2012, Surgeons’ Hall Museum at The Royal College of Surgeons will host a unique theatrical and educational event. ‘Wounded’ is a new play, which has been written by members of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre for students from S3 upwards.

Wounded is a free educational event which has two aims: to bring to life elements of the Curriculum for Excellence, particularly in History, English, Drama and Citizenship; and to support outreach initiatives for students, enabling interaction with museum collections.

This is your chance to watch ‘Wounded’ from the comfort of your own classroom!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV on Thursday 22nd November at 10am or Watch Again if you are unable to join us live.

Church of Scotland Awards for RME and RO

The Church of Scotland has launched its two annual awards for 2012/2013.

The Stevenson Prize – This is awarded to a school for excellence in the area of Religious Observance.  The prize consists of a certificate and a cheque for £500 for the school.

Moderator’s medal –  which is open to children and young people and seeks to encourage creativity in responding to how they have been inspired by a Christian whose story has made them think or act in new ways or helped them to reflect on issues relating to faith, belief or religion.   The prize consists of a cheque for £100 for the winning entry and book tokens worth £100 for the winning entrants’ school or youth club.  Winners will also receive a medal and a certificate.  Runners-up entries will receive a prize of £25.

The entry date for both prizes is 15 March 2013.

What does Remembrance mean?

This year Poppyscotland have teamed up with Glow TV to bring you a series of events about remembrance. The event entitled ‘Meet Those Involved’ is the second event in this series and will be held on Thursday 8th November at 2pm.

On 5th November there was a special event that took place in Edinburgh. This is your chance to see footage from this event which was the opening of the Garden of Remembrance and take part in a question and answer session with staff from Poppyscotland and Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory.

The panel who will be there to answer your questions and tell you about what remembrance means to them includes veterans from recent wars – remembrance isn’t just about World Wars 1 and 2.

Join us in Glow TV and find out more about what remembrance really means.

The third event in the series takes place on Friday 9th November when you can join us live in Glow TV from 10am for a special Remembrance Day event. This year Education Services in Glasgow have organised a city wide remembrance service for schools in Glasgow City Chambers. The event will link the important civic aspects of remembrance and allow young people to better understand the range of issues involved. The programme will involve pupils from across the city encompassing drama, poetry and music. Sign up and join us for this thought provoking event.

Impact Arts – Kamikaze

Impact Arts are currently touring Kamikaze to High Schools followed by post show discussions with the young people.

The Tour dates are:

Thu 1st Nov – 09:30 Marr College Troon
Fri 2nd Nov – 09:30 Ayr Academy Ayr
Mon 5th Nov – 09:30 Loudon Academy Galston
Mon 5th Nov – 14:00 Doon Academy Dalmellington
Tue 6th Nov – 09:30 Kilmarnock Academy Kilmarnock
Tue 6th Nov – 14:00 Girvan Academy Girvan
Tue 6th Nov – 18:30 Westmuir High Glasgow (Carntyne)
Wed 7th Nov – 09:05 Cumnock Academy Cumnock
Wed 7th Nov – 13:25 Auchinleck Academy Auchinleck
Thu 8th Nov – 09:00 Stewarton Academy Stewarton
Thu 8th Nov – 13:45 Grange Academy Kilmarnock
Fri 9th Nov – 09:10 St Joseph’s Academy Kilmarnock
Fri 9th Nov – 13:30 James Hamilton Academy Kilmarnock

For more information see the website.

Wise Up Wednesday: Every Day’s A Learning Day Parent Questionnaire



This year Education Scotland, produced two booklets for parents, “Every day’s a learning day – birth to 3 years” and “Every day’s a learning day – 3-6 years.”The booklets are being distributed to parents of new born babies and children beginning their pre-school education aged 3, in the Scottish Book Trust’s Book Bug Bags. Filled with lots of ideas to help parents support their child’s learning in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing during everyday experiences; the booklets show parents how easy it is for them to make a difference. Practitioners may also find the booklets useful when working with groups of parents. 

You can read and download the booklets here

If you have contact with parents of children under the age of 6 we would be grateful if you would let them know about our short survey and encourage them to share their views. Their feedback will, along with other information, help us decide how best we can support the parents of young children in the future. 

Thank you.

Early Years Matters Magazine

Following its launch at the Scottish Learning Festival, copies of Early Years Matters were sent out to centres across Scotland.

If you haven’t seen a paper copy, or would just like to have one of your own, you can always read the articles on line, or download the whole magazine to your computer, e-reader or phone.

Missed an edition? You can always catch up with our online archive here.

Remember our survey about Early Years Matters closes on 30 November 2012. Make sure you have your say and help us plan for the future!

ASN – Support through Educationally Based Theatre


Meet Engross Theatre who are a registered charity that brings the principles of the Curriculum for Excellence to children with additional support needs, through educationally based theatre.

To do this effectively they meet with teachers of children with additional support needs to discuss the children’s learning requirements. Subsequently a play is written on the topic requested by the teachers. The play’s content, language level and presentation style is tailored to the abilities and needs of the target audience. Audience participation is an important ingredient in all their commissioned plays and to maintain high standards, they employ professional writers and actors.

All their educational outcomes adhere to the principles of the curriculum for excellence. Learning outcomes are measured by question and answer sessions immediately after performances, or through questions incorporated into the plays, and from feedback forms issued to staff after performances.

And as they seek funding there is no charge to the school!!

Why not join us on Thursday 1st November at 3.45pm and find out more about this exciting theatre company along with Teri (Theresa) McIntosh, Development Officer for Expressive Arts and hear from a teacher who has worked with Engross, Ellen Muir – Headteacher of Pilrig Park, School in Edinburgh.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV and if you can’t take part live make sure you watch the recording in Watch Again!