Assessment in the Sciences Glow Meet

Small - Sciences AssessmentFollowing the publication of its 3-18 Curriculum Impact Report for Sciences in September 2012, Education Scotland organised a series of conversation days where priorities for action to secure improvements in science education nationally were identified.

Key aspects for development emerged, which included primary and early years practitioners requiring guidance and exemplifications for assessment in the sciences.

To address this aspect the sciences team hosted a Glow Meet, Assessment in the Sciences, which was complimented by a series of professional learning twilight sessions across Scotland.
Practitioners have asked that the Meet be run again therefore join us on Tuesday 10th March 3.35-4.45 pm in Glow TV. – Register to take part live in Glow TV.

The Education Scotland assessment support documentation will be explored using exemplifications from the NAR and addressing particular science Significant Aspects of Learning.

Participants should be familiar with the Assessing Progress and Achievement Overarching Paper

We will also be using Annotated Exemplars therefore please download these documents prior to the session:

Highlighted Annotated exemplar

Highlighted Professional learning paper Assessing progress and achievement in the Sciences

Highlighted Sciences Progression Framework