Ready for Winter

RFW graphic

We are pleased to launch a Ready for Winter site on Office 365 on Glow with a range of resources and fun activities for learning at school and at home.

The site contains a wide range of wintery activities and has been designed to be used by learners over the holidays, during periods of bad weather and during school time.

The Ready for Winter site will engage pupils in creative learning challenges, sharing and collaborating – it’s a fun space where learners can take part and create learning challenges around the theme of winter.


We have created a few learning challenges to kick it off but we need your help with making some more challenges. It is very easy to add a challenge via a simple form and we are hoping that teachers and learners alike will add more so that this space offers an exciting range of wintery learning for all users.

NQ REVISION SITE-discussion zones for exam subjects

As well as the winter resources and challenges, there is a Community for NQ revision subjects for senior phase with discussion zones for each exam subject that allow learners and their teachers a communal space to discuss and share NQ exam-related questions and resources.


Please have a look – especially given the bad weather forecasts for the coming days: Ready for Winter (Glow login required)