Expressive Arts Conversation Day 2

The second expressive arts conversation event took place on Friday 28th March 2014 at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness.

The views and experiences of invited stakeholders provided a very helpful basis for us to consider how best to provide further support for education establishments, stakeholders and education partners.

The purpose of the day was to:

  • explore the current national position with regard to developing practitioner confidence and capacity in expressive arts
  • highlight issues that could be addressed through examples and briefing
  • consider what challenges are emerging and how these are being addressed
  • identify areas that require further support and what that support needs to look like – including consideration of establishing a national primary expressive arts network/community.

During the day we discussed:

  • The approaches that are currently being taken to develop practitioner confidence and capacity in expressive arts and the thinking behind these approaches.
  • How far education establishments and partners have advanced in developing these approaches.
  • The key challenges; for example, the range of skills practitioners believe they need to ensure that learners have appropriate breadth of experience and challenge in expressive arts.
  • The support/information/guidance that is now needed and at what level.
  • How best to share with stakeholders the proposed steps towards developing practitioner confidence and capacity.

Below you will find the outputs from the day’s discussions which were generated through our use of the International Futures Forum’s “Implemento” transformational tool. The discussions focussed on the actions we need to take to achieve our aspirations for an ideal future system.

The evaluations from the day asked three questions that can now be used as a baseline from which we can measure the impact of the day. Have a look to see what our participants said!

Conversation Day 2 Evaluations

Implemento Table 4

Implemento Table 3

Implemento Table 2

Implemento Table 1