Royal Society of Chemistry Global Experiment 2014

The Global Experiment 2014 encourages young people aged 7-16 , from all around the world, to participate in two experiments, investigating solubility and growing crystals, and to share their results around the world by posting them online. The resources required are very simple and there is an introductory video, lesson plans and certificates for those who take part.

The experiments address experiences and outcomes from Materials: Properties and uses of substances, SCN 2-16b & SCN 3-16b.

The experiments help learners to develop skills associated with measuring and recording results, embed numeracy skills within a practical context and offer ICT development opportunities through presenting and publishing their results on the web.

Full details about the Global Experiment 2014 can be downloaded using the link

Did you know?
In 2013, over 21000 children took part in the Global Experiment, with 103 schools in Scotland posting results.