Glow Update – New RM Unify Release

Each month the Scottish Government produces an update detailing the progress of the various projects involved in Glow as well as useful information for Key Contacts, partners and educationalists.

Here on the Learning Blog we will be publishing these updates and highlighting various aspects of it during the month.

This post will be looking at the Glow Service and the new RM Unify Release.

RM Unify is the product from RM Education that hosts the Launchpad from which users can access their Glow content and services. An update, Version 2.0, is now live. We will continue to try to improve our notification process to you of these updates. The new features include:

  • Personal Launch Pads and an improved RM user interface including optimization for different screen sizes.
  • The My Launchpad feature allows individuals to personalise the Launchpad from a selection of tiles, including those made available by their school.
  • My Launchpad is available to all users by default. All users will now have restricted access to the RM Unify App Library to allow population of My Launchpad.
  • Schools can disable the My Launchpad feature if they wish using their RM Unify Administration accounts.
  • The RM Unify support documentation describes in detail the process of enabling.
  • To find out more visit the RM Unify Blog

    You can also download the full Glow Update Newsletter – April 2014 document.