Game on Scotland – Social Studies Learning Zone

The Queens Baton left Buckingham Palace on 9 October 2013 containing the royal message. Since then it has been through Asia, Oceania, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

On Tuesday 29th April, it will be in Ottawa, Canada before making the final leg of its journey through Europe and back to Scotland to arrive here on 14 June. It will spend 40 days visiting communities in all 32 local authority areas. The 288 day relay will conclude on the 23 July when the baton is delivered back to Her Majesty the Queen and the royal message will be read at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Accompanying the baton to all 70 nations and territories of the Commonwealth has been Scottish adventurer and BBC broadcaster, Mark Beaumont. In conjunction with BBC Commonwealth Class, Mark will join us on Glow from Ottawa to tell us about this amazing journey and learners can ask him questions about his adventure at 2pm on Tuesday 29th April.

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