‘How am I preparing for the exams?’ A learner’s perspective

As this year’s NQ exams approach we continue our series of posts by parents and learners.

‘There are so many different methods people can use to revise for their exams; I have chosen the best method for my learning.

I try and split up my nights after school into hopefully 3-4 different subjects, spending about an hour on each or so. I have 5 higher subjects altogether and so the ones I miss that night I will do the next day during school in a free period. To start my revision, I base my studies on the theory of the subject. For example for Higher Biology at the moment, I’m using the textbook to write out notes on each of the sub-topics and also concentrating on the topics I struggle with. Once I have completed these notes I move on to practising past papers.

Writing notes, I find is the best way for my revision but it is different from others. It is also very important to practise past papers, and get used to the techniques you require to understand the questions. Past Papers also help you find points you might have forgotten about or struggle with, which I then refer back to my school notes, textbook or the online Scholar site. Scholar is very useful as an online resource; it supplies each student with the revision material for each subject and goes into detail on subjects that are usually found to be difficult. It also gives you examples and questions to work on. Working through Scholar it also gives you a topic test, where you can see how well you have progressed and also what else has to be worked on. I have also started my revision quite a bit before the exam as each subject’s capacity is large and it’s important to revise each as thoroughly as the other. ‘

Pupil (S5 Higher)

Take a look at the Parentzone website which has a guide to helping your child prepare for exams, with links to revision aids and specimen papers.

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