The Beavers are Back – Again!!

Tune in to speak to a group of young filmmakers who are eager to share their experiences of filming the habits and habitat of their newest neighbour—the Beaver!

Beavers became extinct in the UK 400 years ago, but now they are back in Scotland as part of a trial reintroduction, being co-ordinated by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and the Scottish Wildlife Trust in partnership.

Your class can watch the short film (made by the pupils) and then ask lots of questions related to beavers and their habitat to the school pupils, who are in P5 to P7.

They will be able to show you what beaver signs to look out for, just in case you want to go to Knapdale and find them for yourself!

This event is aimed at primary aged learners and takes place on Monday 31st March at 9.30am. Sign up and join us in Glow TV!