Education Scotland meets with partners to tackle sectarianism

Education Scotland currently has a Tackling Sectarianism Network engaging a range of organisations, including Scottish Government, Voluntary Action Fund, Church of Scotland, Scottish Catholic Education Service, Bridging the Gap, Children’s Parliament, Youthlink, Nil by Mouth, Sense over Sectarianism, South Lanarkshire Council, Garscadden Primary School, St Thomas’ Primary School (Glasgow). The network allows the opportunity to share good practice in our schools and communities and engage in professional dialogue regarding the issue of sectarianism.

The network came together recently to discuss our aim to tackle sectarianism in Scotland. The group discussed the role of education in eradicating sectarianism. The discussions offered an opportunity to share good practice in both our schools and communities. The group also took a pro-active approach when discussing some of the challenges facing practitioners, and focused on finding positive solutions to these challenges.

All partners involved were keen to offer support to schools and communities tackling sectarianism, so why not take a look at some of their websites?

Action on Sectarianism

Glasgow Sense over Sectarianism

Nil by Mouth

Education Scotland has a development officer in post dedicated to tackling sectarianism in Scotland. If you would like to share your good practice or discuss the possibility of developing your anti-sectarian work please get in touch,