Game on Scotland – Health and Wellbeing

The value of peer mentoring in developing health & wellbeing for your pupils – gaining inspiration from Lead 2014

Lead 2014 recognises the potential of young people to contribute to the development of future generations through engaging teams from secondary schools in a peer mentoring approach to the organisation and delivery of Commonwealth Games themed festivals in their school cluster.

This Glow meet on will highlight the successes of the Lead 2014 programme, analyse the value of the experiences for young people in relation to health & wellbeing and will explore the scope within schools to organise peer mentoring programmes with physical education, physical activity and sport as a central focus.

Join members of the Health & Wellbeing team and the Lead 2014 delivery team on Tuesday 18th March at 4pm and be inspired by this informative and thought provoking look at a highly successful programme.

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