BMT Partnership Work in Action

Better Movers and Thinkers is an innovative, exciting and challenging movement and learning programme for Physical Education, that focuses directly on enhancing the links between movement and thinking, and how these critical elements scaffold the development of physical performance and learning across the curriculum.

That was the starter for Mossend. They worked up a programme with the North Lanarkshire cluster champion. The school uses all the higher order skills in the classroom programme so in every way they are best placed to deliver a successful Better Movers and Thinkers programme.

The children have simply taken off and blossomed with this approach.They decided to take it a stage further and introduced the parents into the equation. This approach has been highly engaging for staff, parents and pupils. It makes a difference!

Here is an opportunity for your children to watch a BMT sessions and to try it themselves and the ask the children who are participating how it feels too!

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