The world of Magnificent Microbes

We’re very excited about the start to our Magnificent Microbes project for 2014, a partnership between Dundee Science Centre Science Learning Institute and the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee.

We are exploring ways to structure and support learning for practitioners, and for children and young people, to increase the impact of what we do, and to ensure our work becomes increasingly sustainable and has a legacy in the classroom.

With this in mind, teachers whose classes are participating in the Magnificent Microbes project for 2014 joined us on Tuesday evening for a professional learning session with Dr Nicola Stanley-Wall and Dr James Chalmers of the Division of Molecular Microbiology at the College of Life Sciences from the University of Dundee.  Together, we explored the world of microbes, including getting hands-on with techniques use by microbiologists.  Feedback from participants was very positive, including

“…really helped me get into the project.  I am now excited rather than scared not knowing what would lie ahead.”

“I’m excited about how much they (the children) will enjoy the learning.”

“I now know how to approach a topic about microbiology and I will also be less scared to try this with my class.”

and we’re very much looking forward to children working with us over the course of the project, including working with the scientists in school, at Dundee Science Centre, and coming together to share and celebrate their learning in May.

Before the session we asked teachers to write down everything they think of when they hear the word ‘microbe’ and we did the same afterwards.

Watch this space for more on the sustainable legacy of the project…and how you can get involved in the world of microbes!