Ancient Egypt – Ask the Curator

Join us for the second in the Ancient Egypt Glow TV series on Monday 18th November at 1.30pm at with the National Museum of Scotland. Meet our ancient Egypt curator who will reveal some exciting stories, help you explore some real artefacts and answer your questions about life in Ancient Egypt. Sign up and join us in Glow TV.

Before joining the experts and asking your questions on the day why not take part in some of the following activities?

Land of the Egyptians
Explore the Egyptian landscape using an interactive map and learn more about life and death along the Nile.

Can you read hieroglyphics?
Discover more about the stela and its meaning.

Dress like an Egyptian
Dress like an Egyptian queen or craftsman and learn about Egyptian clothing.

Build a pyramid
How quickly can you help the craftsmen find their basic supplies?

The Three Pyramids
Can you prepare our high priest for the afterlife before the sun rises? Navigate around the pyramid maze in a race against time to collect up everything you need to mummify his body and send him on his way

Egyptian tomb adventure
Become an online archaeologist excavating an ancient tomb.

Coffin and mummy-masks
Explore the detail of coffins and mummy-masks from Ancient Egypt.