Ready for Winter 2013/2014 – Are You Ready?

The 2013/2014 ‘Ready for Winter’ campaign will be launched by the Scottish Government on the 21st October. Key messages for this year include: ‘Thinking Ahead’ and ‘Taking an Hour’ to prepare for severe winter weather in the community, at home, on the move and in the workplace. With the clocks moving back one hour on the 27th of October, let’s use this extra time pro-actively! Education Scotland are therefore working in partnership with the Scottish Government to ensure that Scottish schools are as ready as possible for winter.

To promote the launch of ‘Ready for Winter’ and its rich links to resilience education, teachers are being asked to run health and wellbeing sessions (21st to 25th October) ranging from simple class lessons to larger projects. Web links and free downloadable activities will soon be made available for schools to access from Education Scotland’s ‘Ready for Emergencies’ website

Further details and links to activities will follow shortly. In the meantime, general information about ‘Ready for Winter’ and resilience education can be found at and