A Cross Sector Approach to Science

For the past 3 years the 16 schools in Perth High School Local Management Group (LMG) have been working collaboratively to develop learning and teaching in science. The aim of their partnership working has been to:

  • Support primary/secondary transition
  • Provide a progressive, cohesive science experience for all learners
  • Build staff partnerships and understanding across primary and secondary
  • Build staff confidence in teaching science
  • Promote science as being exciting and fun
  • Promote interdisciplinary learning
  • Support eco work and careers education.

A comprehensive science programme has now been produced comprising of rich tasks from Early to Second Level as well as a skills progression framework, a science glossary and teachers’ guide. The science programme that has been produced also incorporates a number of the learning journeys from STEM Central.

Each rich task suggests a range of activities that teachers can choose from to enable their pupils to learn about science through active learning and practical hands on experiences.

Perth and Kinross Local Management Group report positive benefits from the collaboration including the development of leadership capacity and growth in confidence amongst practitioners with regards to the sciences.

Learners have reported enjoying science, seeing its relevance to their everyday lives and felt they had a better understanding of their strengths and next steps in science.

All resources can be downloaded from Glow. See folder entitled A Cross Sector Approach to Science PHS LMG in the national Sciences Glow Group http://bit.ly/17ACPk8

Some of the work undertaken by the cluster has also been awarded a Quality Mark for moderation and can be downloaded from the Education Scotland NAR