e-Bug: free microbiology, hygiene and health educational resource

e-Bug is an exciting, fun and free microbiology, hygiene and health educational resource for junior (P2 – P7) and senior (S1 – S3) school students across Europe. Designed by health professionals, with input from schools and young people, the e-Bug resource comprises of a teacher website containing detailed lesson plans and a student interactive website.

e-Bug for teachers

The teacher pages on the e-Bug website, www.e-bug.eu, contain detailed interactive lesson plans covering each of the topics below. You can also find school competitions, films of each of the activities, MS Powerpoint presentations, animations to help teach some of the more difficult topics as well as some alternative activities to those found in the pack.


An Introduction

Useful Microbe

Harmful Microbes

Prevention of Infection

Natural Immunity


Spread of Infection

Hand Hygiene

Respiratory Hygiene

Food Hygiene

Farm Hygiene

Sexual Transmission

Treatment of Infection

Antibiotic Use

e-Bug for students

The colourful and fun student website encourages children of all age ages to venture further into the world of microbes playing interactive games and accessing lots more educational materials. The student website has a lot of fun features which include

Microbe of the week: Facts and images of a new microbe every week, some useful, some harmful, but all interesting.

Fact of the week: Some quirky, fun, disgusting and some outright weird microbe facts.

Revision Guides: For students who want to learn a little bit more, or to be used in the classroom.

Disease fact files: Fact files on important infectious diseases such as measles, influenza, holiday infections, and much more.

Quizzes: Students can test themselves with fun quizzes.

Hall of Fame: Here students can visit a lab or hang out in an art gallery hall of fame to learn about those ‘boring old’ scientists who have made important contributions to microbiology and medicine.

Home science: A series of experiments to do in the home.

Interactive games:Fun games designed to highlight key learning points. How long can you survive the sneeze?

Downloads: Images of microbes and pack characters are available to download for use in any school project.