Volunteer to review the Early Years Network

The Early Years Network is for early years practitioners from all areas of work. It covers a wide range of information and settings within the early years topic and provides information that is relevant to practitioners at many levels. A key element of the network is to provide the best possible links to up-to-date information, resources and support.

NHS Health Scotland is conducting a review of the Early Years Network to guide the future support of its network members. The review will explore:

  • how members prefer to communicate
  • where members look to for information
  • how members share information and their access to technology.

They are looking for members of the network to participate in a 30 minute telephone interview, conducted at a time suitable for you between July and October 2013. For further information, or to volunteer to take part in the review, please email: laura.martin3@nhs.net

Ask An Astronaut with the Scottish Space School

Join us in Glow TV for the fourth year of ‘Ask an Astronaut’ in collaboration with the Scottish Space School.  Take part in this exclusive opportunity to talk to two star guests Rick Hieb and Amber Gell.    

Rick Heib is a former NASA astronaut and a veteran of three space shuttle missions. He has logged over 750 hours in space, including over 17 hours of EVA (space walk). He was a mission specialist on STS-39 and STS-49, and was a payload commander on STS-65. He is currently the Vice-President of Lockheed Martin and part of what they do, alongside other partners, is combining their talents to launch a bold new era of space exploration.

Find out more about Amber’s experience as a Rocket Scientist and Spacecraft Systems Engineer with NASA/Lockheed Martin. She is a member of the team that is designing the Orion Spacecraft which will replace the Space Shuttle and can be used to return humans to the Moon, rendezvous with asteroids, and explore Mars.

Use this unique opportunity to ask questions of our guests to get a better idea about the fascinating world of space and their experience of it.

Take part in some space polls to find fabulous facts – do you know what was the first music video from space was?

Also watch Amber and Rick taking part in a simulation to move a robotic land rover around the surface of Mars. This will mimic what astronauts have to do when they collect samples from the surface of Mars but they also have the extra task of challenging pupils on this mission!

To find out more and sign up for this event in Glow TV click here.

To learn more about the NASA Space Shuttle Missions and program here click here.

To learn more about Orion (America’s new spacecraft for human exploration) click here.

Commonwealth Class: BBC live debate

DEBATE TIME: Thursday, 13th of June from 1100-1300;                Target age:  7 – 14

Join pupils around the world for the first ever Commonwealth Class debate.

How it works

In class, watch the film on the Commonwealth Class website about the ‘women behind the fastest man alive’. Talk about this in class and gather some opinions, examples and comments to share with pupils around the world.

Go back to this page at any time between 1100-1300 BST on Thursday, 13th of June to share and discuss your ideas by emailing them to commonwealthclass@bbc.co.uk.

We’ll publish pupils’ opinions right here, allowing schools to respond and converse in real time.

We aim to include as many contributions as possible.

‘Always Hear’ – a new health and wellbeing resource for secondary schools.

Always Hear is Waverley Care’s new Scotland-wide HIV awareness and anti-stigma campaign funded by the Scottish Government. The campaign gives a voice to people living with HIV in Scotland using four films to capture the experiences of four people who are HIV positive. 

 From the start of June, ‘Always Hear’ resource packs are being distributed to every secondary school in Scotland.  Produced in association with Education Scotland, the resources are suitable for use with S3-S6 groups. The materials focus on health and wellbeing within the curriculum looking at relationships, emotional wellbeing, stigma and HIV transmission.  Cross-curriculum links are also highlighted.  Included in the pack are a DVD of the four films, HIV information sheets covering HIV Basics, HIV Statistics, HIV Stigma and HIV Myths, written case studies and the Curriculum for Excellence resources. 

 Visit www.HIVAlwaysHear.org to view the films and download the resources. For more information, email alison.irving@waverleycare.org or call 0131 556 9710.

Join the “Commonwealth Class”

The BBC, the British Council and the Commonwealth Secretariat have joined forces to bring you Commonwealth Class, an exciting new opportunity for schools.

Commonwealth Class is a special initiative that provides teaching resources, online debates and interactive activities for schools to mark the run-up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It celebrates the values of the Commonwealth and connects schools and young people as they learn about how to be active, responsible global citizens as part of the Commonwealth family.

The Commonwealth Class education pack is an exciting resource designed to teach young people about Commonwealth values such as rights and responsibilities, protection of the environment, respect for others and what people need to lead healthy lives free from poverty.
Produced by the British Council, the resource pack contains cross-curricular activities, short films and discussion guides with learning outcomes that link to key skills, curriculum subjects and Commonwealth values. Activities include what qualities you need to be a successful Commonwealth athlete, and an exploration of the route of the Queen’s Baton Relay which will visit all 71 countries and territories taking part in the 2014 games.

Get set for 2014 and download the British Council Commonwealth Class education pack today.

BBC online debates
Commonwealth Class partner, the BBC, is hosting a series of monthly online debates commencing this summer. The debates are intended to create a platform for schools in the UK and Commonwealth countries to teach and learn together.
The first debate in the series will take place on Thursday 13 June.
Visit Schools Online and sign up to Commonwealth Class for more resources and interactive activities that support lesson planning and teaching across the curriculum
And a week before the first debate you can visit the BBC’s Commonwealth Class website to find out how you can take part!

Brand new Game On Scotland materials!

Three new exciting learning journeys as well as an additional three videos have been released this week on Game On Scotland.

Learning Journeys

The learning journeys have been developed around migration and human rights issues with Community Learning in mind as well as in support of creativity and expressive arts:

Video releases

Three new videos have been released to support the case study about Calderglen High School’s successful Games Legacy programme. The short clips feature members of the senior management team and pupils from Calderglen High school talking about the impact of the Games on learning, values education and overall school ethos.

Wise Up Wednesday: We Can and Must Do Better

CELCIS has launched a new website for the revised We Can and Must Do Better training materials.

The We Can and Must Do Better training materials were originally produced on a DVD-ROM in 2008. CELCIS has now reviewed and updated these materials to reflect current research and Scottish policy and practice around:

  • Getting It Right for Every Child
  • Curriculum for Excellence
  • Additional Support for Learning
  • The Looked After Children Regulations 2009
  • Early Years
  • Parenting

The materials are relevant to anyone working with looked after children, care leavers and their families; in particular residential workers, foster carers, kinship carers, teachers, social workers and health professionals. They may also be relevant to professionals from across the wider child care workforce who are working with any vulnerable children and families.

These materials can be used for self study or/and as a resource for trainers to develop tutored training courses.

View the We Can and Must Do Better website.

Cheese comes from plants and fish fingers are made of chicken

Research conducted by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) among over 27,500 children across the UK(Scotland: Primary – 1,794; Secondary – 3,763), shows that nearly a third (29 per cent) of primary school children think that cheese comes from plants, one in ten secondary school children believe that tomatoes grow under the ground, and nearly one in five (18 per cent) primary school children say that fish fingers come from chicken.

Roy Ballam, Education Programme Manager at the British Nutrition Foundation, said: “Schools throughout the UK require a national framework and guidance for food and nutrition education to support the learning needs of children and young people, especially at a time when levels of childhood obesity are soaring. Through Healthy Eating Week, we hope to start the process of re-engaging children with the origins of food, nutrition and cooking, so that they grow up with a fuller understanding of how food reaches them and what a healthy diet and lifestyle consists of. The fact that so many schools in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have registered to participate in the Week demonstrates their understanding of how important healthy eating is and their commitment to giving children a solid grounding from which to create healthy lives for themselves.”

Further findings of the BNF study reveal that an encouraging number of the youngest primary school children recognise the eatwell plate* – 64 per cent of 5-8 year olds identified it correctly from four different images. However, when presented with four pie charts and asked which best represented the eatwell plate, less than half (45 per cent) of 8-11 year olds answered correctly.

Over three quarters (77 per cent) of primary school children and nearly nine out of every ten (88 per cent) secondary school pupils know that people should consume five or more portions of fruit and vegetables each day. However, 67 per cent of primary school children and 81 per cent of secondary school pupils reported eating four or less portions of fruit and vegetables daily, while two in every five children at secondary school don’t think that frozen fruit and vegetables count towards their five a day.

The research also shows that an alarming number of children do not eat breakfast each morning, which increases with the age of the children. On the day of the survey, eight per cent of primary school children said they hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning; this increased to nearly a quarter (24 per cent) in 11-14 year olds, and then to over a third (32 per cent) of 14-16 year olds. When quizzed on the more general point as to whether they have breakfast each morning, six per cent of primary school children, 19 per cent of 11-14 year olds and a quarter of 14-16 year olds reported not eating breakfast every day.

To read the full article click here.

Schools to give sleep lessons as late nights exhaust pupils

PARENTS regularly face a battle to make their children switch off their games consoles and computers and go to bed at night.

Teachers are then faced with exhausted pupils in the classroom each morning because they have not had enough sleep.

Now the Scottish Government is to spend £200,000 on sleep lessons for secondary school pupils who will be taught how to achieve at least nine hours’ sleep a night in a bid to boost academic performance.

Contextual targeting label:

The cash – £100,000 a year for two years – will be handed to a charity who will give parents, teachers and sixth-formers sleep lessons in a move welcomed by teaching unions.

Recent research at a Scottish high school found one in six pupils falls asleep at their desk every day.

The public money will be given to Sleep Scotland, which has successfully piloted sleep lessons at West Calder High, West Lothian.

Schools in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Lothians, Grampian and the Highlands will now receive sleep lessons, delivered by teachers and sixth-form mentors.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “Ensuring children and young people sleep properly and get the correct amount of sleep each night is important to their development.

“We expect Sleep Scotland to use a proportion of their funding to work in schools to promote children’s Health and Wellbeing, an integral part of Curriculum for Excellence.”


War Horse – Exclusive Launch

Glow TV is delighted to be able to host the Exclusive Launch on Tuesday 11th June at 11am!

War Horse is the theatrical phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. At the heart of this awe-inspiring show are life-sized puppets which bring galloping, charging horses to life on stage. Now you are invited to a unique opportunity to meet one of these truly remarkable puppets up close at an exclusive launch event.

You are invited to see the central character, Joey, in action and discover first-hand how these “living, breathing steeds” are created and brought to life in what has become one of the most anticipated theatrical productions in years.

Joining us will be Finn Caldwell of Handspring Puppet Company and Associate Puppetry Director for War Horse, and Stephen Rebbeck (Managing Director for War Horse around the world)

The exhilarating story of a young man’s journey to find his beloved horse Joey, against the backdrop of World War One, is an incredibly powerful production. It’s a spectacle you need to see to believe!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV – War Horse – Exclusive Launch

Evening Fun – The 79p Download

Thursday 6th June @ 7pm.
This is the first in our Pupil Focused Evening Fun events – watch out for more next term!

When downloading a song from iTunes, have you ever stopped and thought, “who gets my money”? If Harry from One Direction only gets 1p from every download, who get’s the rest? Why does Emeli Sande get more than 10 times what Harry gets for each sale?

This is going to be an eye opening look at the different careers and roles of the various organisations that work in the music industry including song writers, singers, musicians, managers, record labels, recording studios, accountants, lawyers, video directors, promotions companies, security and not forgetting the person that get’s the biggest cut of all, the tax man.

What does MCPS and PPL mean and what do they do? Tune in to find out.

The session will be delivered by a music business professional with 25 years of experience and will include the opportunity to ask questions and take part in a music quiz.

So why not sign up and join us in Glow TV? – Evening Fun – The 79p Download

Tony Robinson – Watch and Chat!

Authors Live is stepping back in time on Thursday 6th June with renowned popular historian, actor and author, Tony Robinson, to discover the strange secrets hidden in our Weird World of Wonders. Join us in a live webstream at 11am from the BBC as we march through time with the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians and find out what made us Britons British. It’s history, but not as you know it! This event is suitable for P3-7 or age 7-12 years.

Find out more information in Glow TV – Authors Live – Tony Robinson

Following on from Tony’s live event at the BBC he will be joining us on the Glow TV Studio couch at 1.30pm for a live question and answer session – make sure you can join us then!! – Glow Authors Live – Tony Robinson

Working in the Music Business

Yes World of Work Wednesdays is back again just in time for the summer break!

This event will give you a great insight into the real world of the music industry. The UK music business employs 150,000 people and is worth £3.5billion to the UK economy. We’ve brought together experts from all aspects of the industry including a manager, a singer, a record producer and a marketing manager.

As well as discussing their different roles, they will also be taking your questions. So if you want to ask, “how do I break into the music business”, “how do I get my song on iTunes”, “how can I get my band on T in the Park”, “is X Factor a good way of starting out”, or anything else you can think of then this is your chance!

You’ll hear from the panel that there are many career opportunities in the industry and how certain school subjects such as English, Maths, Art, ICT and of course Music can help you achieve them. With an interactive pop quiz included, it promises to be a fun, interesting and exciting event and we hope to see you there!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV on Wednesday 5th June at 2pm – Working in the Music Business

SCILT – BGE in the Secondary School

Once again SCILT, Scotland’s National Centre for Languages will be providing an excellent Professional Learning workshop via Glow. This event is on Tuesday 4th June at 4pm.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to revisit the experiences and outcomes for each level, and look at practical ways of ensuring progression for all pupils. We will also look at how to take existing resources and turn them into creative, innovative and fit-for-purpose tasks, which will motivate your pupils and develop their higher order thinking skills.

The session is suitable for Secondary and ASN practitioners and will be presented by Fhiona Fisher, Depute Director of SCILT, Scotland’s National Centre for Languages.

Sign up and join the event – SCILT – BGE in the Secondary School

Sharing with Shetland

Children’s Services (Quality Improvement) are delighted to announce a series of Professional Learning Glow Meet sessions to share practice around Shetland schools and they would like you to join in too!

The first event on Monday 3rd June at 3.45pm joins Rachel Colclough at Olnafirth Primary School, who will discuss the impact of working towards the national Saltire award.

Last year, her P5-7 pupils designed a wave-power generator and Rachel will discuss how she organised the work and the learning opportunities which arose as a result.

The school reached the finals of the Saltire award in 2012 and has been shortlisted again this year. Sharing with Shetland – Working Towards an Award

The second event is on Monday 10th June at 3.45pm and joins Laura Nicolson at Sound Primary School Nursery Department, who will share ideas about an effective positive behaviour strategy that she has used in Nursery, P1 and P2/3 settings, which has proven very effective.

The strategy comes from the story book – ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ – Sharing with Shetland – Positive Behaviour Strategy

Find out about further Shetland events and many other Professional Learning events on the Glow TV schedule.

Content Authors Required

SCHOLAR is a major national programme delivering online learning content to support the secondary and tertiary sectors in Scotland.

As part of a programme to upgrade the SCHOLAR materials and ensure relevance to the SQA curriculum they wish to recruit authors to write new materials for CfE Higher for delivery in 2014/15. This will also include identifying appropriate content from existing SCHOLAR materials.

SCHOLAR require authors from the Teaching sector to revise our current portfolio of the following Higher SCHOLAR subjects.

· Accounting
· Art & Design (Textiles)
· Biology
· Business Management
· Chemistry
· Computing
· Economics
· French
· Gaelic
· German
· Human Biology
· Mathematics
· Physics
· Psychology
· Spanish

The course development will be expected to last from September 2013 until September 2014. The aim is to have some initial materials live for September 2014.The remaining materials will be made live throughout the school session 2014/15.

More details about this opportunity can be found on the CfE Higher Document.
Closing date is 28th June 2013.

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories is coming to the Edinburgh Bookshop on Saturday 15th June to celebrate 20 years of brilliant books along the publication of Horrible Histories Cruel Crimes!

The event starts at 2:30pm and is free although they do ask that people book their tickets to ensure a place. They can do this by calling the shop on 0131 447 1917, or emailing Cat Anderson on cat@edinburghbookshop.com or by calling into the shop – they’re at 219 Bruntsfield Place. The actual event itself will be held in the Christ Church hall across the road from the shop.

It promises to be a fun-filled couple of hours with songs, storytelling and book signing and are suggesting an age of 6+ for this event, just as guidance.

National Records of Scotland (NRS) Schools Programme

The National Records of Scotland has launched its 2013-14 programme of free workshops and Glow Meet sessions for primary and secondary schools. New topics include ‘The Impact of the Great War 1914-1915’, ‘St Kilda: Living on the Edge’ and a Genealogy Research Project for secondary school pupils. Bookings are open for September 2013 – March 2014.

Full details of the Schools Programme and the booking forms are available on the NRS education website.