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“Pose, S*xt – What Happens Next?”

The campaign aims to raise awareness amongst young people around the possible consequences of making, sending and uploading s*xy images or texts on their phones or via social networking sites, known as ‘S*xting’. Additionally The Corner will gather information on local experiences of S*xting which will help inform young peoples services within Dundee.
Have a look at our magazine by clicking here to find out more.
CEOP have created a 10 minute clip around s*xting click here to view it.
Pose, S*xt – What Happens Next? materials can be seen in the city centre drop in and will also be travelling around Dundee schools and outreach work around the city.
office.corner@nhs.net01382 20 60 60

Drop in: 13 Shore Terrace, Dundee
Office: 18 Dock Street, Dundee

Look, Capture, Create

Curious and creative learners from across Scotland have been exploring the importance and beauty of Scottish Biodiversity through Scottish designer/illustrator Johanna Basford’s exhibition ‘Wonderlands’ via Glow TV. This interdisciplinary learning experience has been developed in partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts and is being supported by Sarah Derrick, Head of Education at DCA and Anna Rossvoll, Emerging Technologies Development Officer with Education Scotland. 

Look Capture Create outline for educators

Johanna Basford is an ink evangelist who creates beautifully intricate hand drawn designs using black ink. ‘Wonderlands’ is her first solo exhibition and it is proving to be a magical context for creative learning through expressive arts, science, mathematics and languages.

Before the project went live learners were invited to join the Look, Capture, Create Glow group by submitting an InkyME! The response was astounding. Currently there are  InkyMEs exhibiting from Burravoe, Carron, Clackmannan, Hythehill, Lochgelly West, Lincluden, St Andrews and St Patricks primary schools.  The InkyMEs have even travelled to Dundee to attend the first live Glow TV event ‘Wondertales’ at Dundee Contemporary Arts on 13th May.

‘Wondertales’ encouraged learners to look at the intricacy of Johanna’s designs and to capture the detail in words to create a Wondertale!  Wendy Woolfson, an incredibly talented storyteller led the event, creating breath taking stories based on three of Johanna’s wallpaper designs. She then went on to create a collaborative tale as learners submitted their ideas live during the event. You can watch Wendy in action here.

This use of an exhibition as a form of text truly captured the imagination of learners and they have submitted incredible  Wondertales to the Glow wiki.  Learners are taking the  time to read each other’s work and leave comments. It would be lovely if you could do the same. (Glow username and password required)

Keep up to date with the Look, Capture, Create Glow blog and the next Look, Capture, Create Glow TV event will take place at Dundee Botanical Gardens at 10am on the 4th June.

Free CPD with the Royal Horticultural Society

The RHS Campaign for School Gardening aims to encourage and support schools to develop and actively use a school garden. As part of the Campaign they provide teachers with resources through this website and an extensive programme of CPD days.  Fabulous edible garden and playground ideas, like the recycled pallet pictured here.

Why get involved?

Join the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and reap the benefits for your school:

  • Free start-up kit following registration on this website.
  • Rewards and certificates for your progress on the new benchmarking scheme.
  • Access to useful information and advice that will help you use your school’s garden to greater effect.
  • Regular news and items of interest sent to you by e-mail.
  • Access to a national programme of RHS CPD daysPlaces still available for June 6th!


Contact your Scottish Regional Advisor for course information.

Angela Smith

Development Officer for Scotland

Education, Funding and Communities



Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award for STEM 2013

Leaders Award for STEM and Scottish Engineering are challenging primary and secondary school learners in Scotland to consider what they would do if they were an engineer. Learners are being asked to research engineering and interview practicing engineers to illustrate and annotate their interpretation of the statement “If I could be an engineer in Scotland, what would I do?”

This award is a great opportunity to engage both primary and secondary school learners with real engineers who will convey the importance of STEM in their daily working lives. Schools will be able to develop relationships with industry, both local and worldwide, giving children and young people a unique perspective of the diversity of engineering professions and their significance in the wider world.

Register your school via the website and state that you are participating in the Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award.

Developing progression in science – Perth High School Local Management Group

Over a year and half ago the 16 schools in Perth High School Local Management Group (LMG) decided to work collaboratively to develop learning and teaching in science. The aim of their partnership working was to:

  • Support primary/secondary transition
  • Provide a progressive, cohesive science experience for all learners
  • Build staff partnerships and understanding across primary and secondary
  • Build staff confidence in teaching science
  • Promote science as being exciting and fun
  • Promote interdisciplinary learning
  • Support eco work and careers education.

In the first phase of development, six primary and two secondary practitioners worked together with Education Scotland’s Sciences Development Officer to produce three sets of rich tasks from Early to Second Level which focussed on the themes of energy and forces, biodiversity and materials. The positive response to these resources persuaded the LMG to invest further in the programme and led to a practitioner from each of the primary schools and secondary school being allocated time to work together to produce a comprehensive science programme comprising further rich tasks from Early to Second Level as well as a skills progression framework, a science glossary and teachers’ guide. The science programme that has been produced also incorporates a number of the learning journeys from STEM Central.

An LMG engagement event in March was used to roll out the suite of meaningful and useable support materials to all practitioners across the 16 schools. These materials will be used to support learning and teaching in sciences from the start of the next academic session. The LMG also report other positive benefits from the collaboration including the development of leadership capacity and growth in confidence amongst practitioners with regards to the sciences. The LMG will continue to network and share their practice between the schools involved and across their education authority. In the coming months they also hope to publish their resources for others to use. Watch this space for further details.