Gone – An interactive, cross curricular alcohol education resource

Join us in Glow TV on Wednesday 15th May at 4pm for a Health and Wellbeing event, looking at the themes of growing up, the changing nature of friendships, pressures and choices, alcohol use, s*xting and resilience. It is aimed at pupils in second year of secondary school.

Gone is an interactive, cross curricular alcohol education resource which has been developed by NHS Forth Valley in conjunction with its partner education authorities.

The programme examines 4 characters as they move from primary school to secondary school and follows them through to S3. It uses a range of mediums to engage with pupils. Each lesson involves pupils viewing some short video sequence, completing tasks designed in a computer gaming format and participating in debate and discussion facilitated by the teacher. The pupils are asked, through a series of votes to predict which character will be ‘gone’ as a result of a decision involving alcohol by the end of S3. The resource is supported by a series of power points and a detailed teacher guide.

This session aims to introduce practitioners to an innovative resource which explores a range of health and wellbeing issues in a creative and engaging way.

Please note; The Glow Meet will be most applicable to secondary practitioners, pupil support staff and senior managers in secondary schools.

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