Featured community – Learning about Scotland

Providing Scottish contexts for learning has been the job (and passion) of Jenni Curson of Education Scotland. She was a prime mover behind the Studying Scotland online resource and to complement this resource, she founded the Learning About Scotland online community (aka #lscot)

Many of the members of the community were recruited as result of Jenni’s sessions in schools and local authorities. The community’s Share area features more than 30 free lesson plans for all levels which is the result of a collaboration with Digi-Map. A quick glance at the #lscot Change area shows a number of colleagues intending to bring a Scottish dimension to their practice.

Look out too in summer term for an affiliated community from the Scottish Council on Archives.

Jenni moves on this week to take up a depute’s post in Argyll and Bute but will continue to be active in the #lscot community, so we can look forward to sharing her expertise for the foreseeable future. I wish her all the best in her new post!

Like all of the PL communities on Glow, colleagues on this community are making their professional learning visible for the benefit of other educators. You can find the community on the drop-down on http://bit.ly/plcommunity or go straight to http://bit.ly/lscothome