St Andrew’s Day Debating Championship 2012

On Monday 3rd December, the annual St Andrew’s Day debating championship will be held in the Scottish Parliament with students and senior pupils from universities and schools across Scotland competing in debating heats covering a range of issues important in today’s society.

The Final will take place in the Debating Chamber chaired by the Presiding Officer with the opportunity to win the specially engraved Scottish Parliament Quaich. This year, for the second time, all schools across the country will be able to follow the progress of the competition on Glow throughout the day and then watch the final, streamed live on Glow TV. This is an exciting opportunity for pupils to get involved in a high quality debate and to learn more about debating.

The Glow Meet will start live at 10.40am with the motion for the debate being announced just before the event starts.

We begin again at 1.10pm with Heat 2 with the motion again being announced just before the debate begins.

Heat 3 will follow at 2.40pm with the Glow TV sessions finishing at 3.45pm.

During the live broadcasts throughout the day we will have a judge available to answer any questions that you have about the debates and how they are judged.

The live final can then be viewed on the Scottish Parliament website from 4pm (a link to this will be provided on the Glow Meet page)

Sign up and join us in Glow TV and if you are unable to join us live then you can access the recording in Watch Again.