Church of Scotland Awards for RME and RO

The Church of Scotland has launched its two annual awards for 2012/2013.

The Stevenson Prize – This is awarded to a school for excellence in the area of Religious Observance.  The prize consists of a certificate and a cheque for £500 for the school.

Moderator’s medal –  which is open to children and young people and seeks to encourage creativity in responding to how they have been inspired by a Christian whose story has made them think or act in new ways or helped them to reflect on issues relating to faith, belief or religion.   The prize consists of a cheque for £100 for the winning entry and book tokens worth £100 for the winning entrants’ school or youth club.  Winners will also receive a medal and a certificate.  Runners-up entries will receive a prize of £25.

The entry date for both prizes is 15 March 2013.