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Education Scotland has a strong record in working to develop, grow and share innovative practice in learning and teaching with digital technologies. Recent work and support materials available in Glow enabled our emerging technologies team to help spread the practice of computer game design and much of this work has gained a strong reputation for being of real worth and value to educators and learners.

We are looking to continue our work in this area so that new ideas and contexts for learning can be offered to our various client groups. As part of our efforts in this area we have arranged a partnership with YoYo Games – a Scottish based computer games design company – who make a game design application called Gamemaker.

YoYo Games have donated a number of full licences for Gamemaker 8.1 to Education Scotland so that we can make those available to educators who wish to make use of them.

Our aim is to make these available to educators but to encourage them to join a collaborative and collegiate community within Glow so that we can continue to grow a culture for teachers and learners of creation and not just consumption of digital assets.

If you feel that Gamemaker 8.1 is something that you would like to use in your educational setting then can you submit a bid for up to a maximum of 30 licences detailing:

  • The context of your educational setting
  • How many licences you would need
  • How you plan to use Gamemaker 8.1  with learners
  • How you would commit to playing a constructive role in our Glow community

The closing dates for bids is Friday 5 October 2012 and the successful schools will be announced on this blog on Friday 12 October 2012.

Bids should be submitted to derek.robertson(at)