Support for Mathematics – Twig on Glow Resource

Mathematics CPD on Glow TV – 10th September at 4pm

Join us for the next Glow TV event to explore new materials supporting learning and teaching in Mathematics.

Twig World Ltd, the company behind the popular Glow Science, has released an additional two subjects – maths and geography – to their online resource. The addition of over 200 films brings the total online content to over 1000 high quality short films with related learning materials.

Twig on Glow can be accessed from as well as from within Glow.

The new maths materials include a range of topics from space, measurement, shape, number, algebra, accuracy and proof, statistics and probability and a history of maths.

Twig films are high quality, inspiring videos to support the curriculum and engage learners using real world images rarely seen in the maths classroom. The everyday application of mathematical concepts provides answers to those pupils who struggle to see ‘why maths matters.’ The support materials complement the videos to explore topics from ‘The Heartbeat formula’ in Algebra to ‘Why do we count in tens’ in Number.

“The resource fits nicely into CfE. The films instigate discussion and that’s a really important thing… it’s about getting the kids to understand and think for themselves.” Maths Teacher, West Lothian

Mathematics CPD – 10th September at 4pm

Join us to find out what’s new, get a tour of the website from Twig staff and speak to teachers who have been using the materials.

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