Raising Attainment in Literacy: Latin and the Romans

Join us in Glow TV on Wednesday 3rd October at 4pm where we will be joined by Kate Coutts, Headteacher at Nesting Primary School, Shetland. Kate will be discussing how she has introduced Latin in the upper primary as part of an interdisciplinary Romans topic.

Drawing on extensive research, Kate will show how this approach can help engage boys in particular while raising attainment in literacy across learning. The target audience for this event is primary teachers.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV and also access relevant resources provided by Kate. If you are unable to join us live on the day please have a look at Glow TV’s Watch Again section where you can view the recorded version.

The Daily What Newsround

Tune in to the Daily What Newsround on Glow TV at 11am on Friday 28 September for a round up of some of the latest news stories, missing headlines game, and interactive quiz. We will also have exciting news about our big competition for this term. See you then!

Melissa and Louise, Daily What News team

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Micro-Tyco School Enterprise Challenge

Micro-tyco is a way of inspiring children and young people to think and be creative in an enterprising way while also becoming aware of business ethics.

Some Local Authorities were involved in this challenge last year and more are already signed up to participate in 2012.  The programme is supported by the business community including Sir Tom Hunter and Deloitte.

This initiative is endorsed by Mike Russell, Cabinet Secretary for Education and lifelong learning.


The one month challenge kicks off at the start of November where learners work in team to transform £1 into as much money as possible. Micro-Tyco inspires an entrepreneurial environment that unleashes participant’s latent talents and develop new skills.

The funds generated go into support micro-finance in the developing countries around the world.

If you would like to view some videos from past participants please visit


If you are interested in registering teams now you can do so online:


Prizes last year included a special private dinner with Sir Tom Hunter at his house for the top teams, a celebratory lunch and networking event at Deloitte’s offices for the top schools and t-shirts and badges for runners-up.

 For further information visit the website:



Testimony (RME)

Testimony is Education Scotland’s new high quality resource to support learning and teaching in religious and moral education. It has been designed for use by both staff and senior phase pupils.


Testimony illustrates how faith, belief and values can influence how a person acts. It includes examples of religious and non-religious standpoints to show how people from around the world and in Scotland have been influenced by faith. The material includes the personal testimonies of some well-known individuals alongside the stories of ordinary members of faith communities.


It can be used to support learning within the new SQA award in Religion, Belief and Values and also supports the development of skills for learning, life and work.


Scott Duncan, Education Scotland’s RME Development Officer, was interviewed at this year’s Scottish Learning Festival about the Testimony resource – listen to a recording of the interview.


Find out more by visiting the Testimony web resource.

I Speak for Myself

At Amina MWRC we are passionate about empowering and inspiring women, spreading knowledge of women’s rights and promoting positive images of Muslim women.  Last year 19 secondary schools across Scotland were visited to allow young people the opportunity to discuss Islam and Muslims.  Staggeringly over 70% of secondary school young people associated words such as “Terrorist”, “Foreign”, “Oppressed” and “Uneducated” to Muslim women. 

Responding to this, ‘I Speak for Myself’ was born.
From November 2011 until February 2012 we have engaged with over 300 Muslim women from Dumfries and Galloway to Elgin and all the major cities and towns in between.  For more information about our Roadshow click here.
September 2012  will see the launch of our national campaign ‘I Speak for Myself’ at the Scottish Parliament.  The campaign will exhibit over a hundred of the messages captured during our roadshow and aims to tackle misconceptions and common stereotypes about Muslim women, thus reducing inequality and sexual discrimination not only within the Muslim community but also in the wider society.


The Revised GTCS Professional Standards

The current revision of the GTCS Professional Standards aims to provide a coherent framework of standards to support teachers at all stages in their careers. Previous Glow sessions have looked at the content of each individual standard and their value to Scottish teachers.

This final session will be led by the Education Team at GTC Scotland and will look at the common elements across the standards – the core values, leadership and sustainability and ask if the revised standards succeed in providing a helpful, career-long standards framework for the teaching profession in Scotland.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV on Thursday 27th September at 4pm.

If you have missed any of the other three sessions; Standards for Registration, The Standard for Career Long Professional Learning and Standards for Leadership and Management then you can view the recordings of these events in Glow TV’s Watch Again section.

Join Author Helen Hendry

Slowly Wins the Day: A modern day version of the Tortoise and the Hare is a book filled with passion and determination that also promotes exercise. This especially timely story tells of a little girl who loves to participate in sports but always comes last.

Even though she is saddled with the name “Slowly”, she still enjoys the thrill of competing and has never learnt to quit. A new fitness teacher joins the school and gives the children inspiration; encouraging them by telling them the story of Robert The Bruce. The teacher discovers Slowly has a special talent and a sport which she can excel.

The story shows that if you try hard enough you can succeed and that everyone has a talent and delivers a clear message about exercise and sport, that it should not be seen as a punishment but enjoyed by everyone.

It is a picture book and is approx. 1000 words, suitable for ages five to eight.

Join Helen live from Corstorphine Primary School in Edinburgh on Thursday 27th September at 10.45am as she reads her book and then you will have the opportunity to ask her questions!

Sign up in Glow TV or if you miss the live reading remember to Watch Again!

The Sciences 3-18 Curriculum Area Impact Project Report Launches at SLF 2012

 Yesterday saw the launch of the Sciences 3-18 Curriculum Area Impact Project report in a lively and challenging session at SLF 2012. We were delighted to welcome to the session practitioners, partners, young people and parents as we shared the key messages from the report, and our strategies for taking this forward. Delegates were enthusiastic in joining the debate around the key strengths and aspects for development, talking together and reflecting on these, and on their role in taking forward the sciences 3-18 in Scotland.

 If you haven’t yet seen the report, you can find it on the Education Scotland website and join the debate on our Sciences Curriculum Area Impact Project blog. We have posted the shared outcomes of the discussions at SLF2012, which we hope will inspire you to blog and comment too!

Free CPD from Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Come along to these free CPD sessions by Colin Webster to learn more about the circular economy: a long-term, regenerative industrial system. The idea is taking off in boardrooms and in governments the world over. The only way to tackle the depletion of raw materials with their associated rise in prices and environmental after-effects, is to take a systems approach and design for disassembly.

Secondary school teachers of Design Technology, Business Management, the Sciences, Geography and other subjects will find the circular economy of great value to the curriculum. These interactive CPD sessions include a look at the free teaching and learning resources of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

 Find out more about the Ellen MacArthur Foundation at www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org.

In each case, teachers from the local authority should sign up for the CPD via the usual channels. Teachers from outwith the authority should contact colin@ellenmacarthurfoundation.org for more information.

Get Game Design Software here…

Education Scotland has a strong record in working to develop, grow and share innovative practice in learning and teaching with digital technologies. Recent work and support materials available in Glow enabled our emerging technologies team to help spread the practice of computer game design and much of this work has gained a strong reputation for being of real worth and value to educators and learners.

We are looking to continue our work in this area so that new ideas and contexts for learning can be offered to our various client groups. As part of our efforts in this area we have arranged a partnership with YoYo Games – a Scottish based computer games design company – who make a game design application called Gamemaker.

YoYo Games have donated a number of full licences for Gamemaker 8.1 to Education Scotland so that we can make those available to educators who wish to make use of them.

Our aim is to make these available to educators but to encourage them to join a collaborative and collegiate community within Glow so that we can continue to grow a culture for teachers and learners of creation and not just consumption of digital assets.

If you feel that Gamemaker 8.1 is something that you would like to use in your educational setting then can you submit a bid for up to a maximum of 30 licences detailing:

  • The context of your educational setting
  • How many licences you would need
  • How you plan to use Gamemaker 8.1  with learners
  • How you would commit to playing a constructive role in our Glow community

The closing dates for bids is Friday 5 October 2012 and the successful schools will be announced on this blog on Friday 12 October 2012.

Bids should be submitted to derek.robertson(at)educationscotland.gov.uk

Launch of The Sciences 3-18 Curriculum Impact Project report

Education Scotland today launches The Sciences 3-18 Curriculum Impact Project report. The sciences and social studies reports are the first two reports in a Curriculum Impact series designed to present a subject-by-subject picture of how children and young people are experiencing learning in different areas of the 3-18 curriculum across the country.

Providing subject-specific analysis and evaluation of current practice, based on a range of independent inspection activities, the report identifies emerging innovative and thought-provoking practice, while highlighting important areas for development. Published on the web, the report will be refreshed from time to time with links to newly-identified, practice and evidence, a dynamic approach that will keep the reviews contemporary on an on-going basis, and relevant to developing needs.

A summary for children and young people has also been published, along with a summary of key strengths and aspects for development.

The publication is intended to provide a focus engagement by children and young people, parents, practitioners and the wider sciences community in Scotland.

Through our Sciences 3-18 Impact Project blog, we want to engage all those involved in the sciences 3-18 to talk together  about how we can work together to take forward the key messages of the report.

This outward facing, public blog is a mechanism to allow engagement by all.





Talk with us on bit.ly/sciences3-18.

The STEM Professional Learning Community will also act as a focus for professional dialogue and learning around the Sciences 3-18 Impact Project. Join us, using your Glow login in, on bit.ly/stemhome.

Wise Up Wednesday: New Parent Resource

The Scottish Government’s play, talk, read campaign encourages parents and carers to incorporate playing, talking and reading within their daily routines. By playing, talking and reading with their children more often, parents and carers can lay firm foundations for children’s long-term learning, behaviour and life chances.

The play, talk, read website offers a fun, one-stop resource that is easy for parents to use, with lots of handy tips and advice. Digital books, an online community, interactive videos, games and promotions are available for use on the site. Parents can also watch TV advertisements from the campaign and gain top tips and advice from other parents.

Registering with the site allows parents to access a new interactive mobile phone app for parents and children to play together wherever they are. During the game parents are given prompts such as to take turns, and count the bubbles with their child. Having played the game parents are then invited to visit the play, talk, read website for more play ideas.

The app is available for both android and iphones.

Games Legacy: Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games – Mascot Glow Meet

Join us live from the Scottish Learning Festival this year and be one of the first people in Scotland to welcome the Glasgow 2014 Mascot, fresh from his launch that morning! Not only will you have the opportunity to meet the Glasgow 2014 Mascot but he will be joined by Michael Jamieson, silver medal winner in 200m breaststroke. You will have a unique opportunity to meet the Mascot, see the Schools Premiere of his animated short film and engage with his prominent friends including David Grevemberg CEO Glasgow 2014 in a Q&A session.

Thursday 20th September 2012 @ 13:45

Duration: 30 minutes

Find out more and sign up or if you miss the live event please view the recording in Watch Again.

Science on the Menu

Do you have an appetite to run a Science Club?  Hungry for new ideas?  Then our mouth-watering menu of food and drink investigations is for you!  Science on the Menu not only dishes up a tasty feast of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) experiments for upper primary, but also a goody box stuffed with science equipment and teachers’ notes.  S1/S2 can also get a slice of the action by requesting a DVD with a full menu of experiments and teachers’ notes (resource kits are limited to primaries only).  

Pick ‘n’ mix from our range of Light Bites experiments or get your teeth into our four multi-week “mains” projects.

Light Bites:

Tongue Twisters – tasting with your nose

Our Daily Bread – “Rise to the Challenge” by investigating yeast

Tootie Frootie – fruit experiments

ThirstQuenchers – purifying water – “The Deserted Island Challenge”

Takeaway – experiments to do at home



A Lot on Your Plate – investigating starch, sugar, protein etc

Sow ‘n’ Grow – looking at properties of soil

The Chocolate Box – investigating issues at a struggling chocolate factory

The Great Scottish Dessert Challenge – an enterprising project to invent a new frozen dessert – thanks to the wonders of science, no freezer is required!

What’s in the kit?


Test tubes and tongs, pipettes, gloves, pH indicator strips, aprons, gloves, beakers, neodymium magnets, funnels, eyeshields, mortar and pestles, scales, digital thermometer, blotting paper, filter papers, chemicals with safety notes, food colouring, bimetallic strips, batteries and battery holders, marbles, croc clip leads, motors, pulleys, buzzers, switches, Teachers’ Notes and pupil report sheets.


Whetted your appetite?  Then apply for a free kit by 30 September.  A limited number of free investigation kits (valued at £200 per kit) are available for registered primary Young Engineers and Science Clubs – you can register online at www.yecscotland.co.uk   You will be notified by mid October if your application has been successful.  Secondaries are welcome to apply for the DVD.

Whose Going to be Gone?

Gone is an inter-active, cross-curricular alcohol education programme developed for use with S2 pupils by NHS Forth Valley.  The programme examines 4 characters as they transition from primary school to secondary school.  The themes addressed in the programme include growing up, the changing nature of friendships, pressures and choices, alochol use , s*xting and resilience.

Sign up for the workshop at the Scottish Learning Festival on Wednesday 19th at 3pm.

Research Round-up – tell us what you need!

Education Scotland are currently reviewing Research Round-Up, our bi-monthly educational research scanning service and are keen to hear the views of the education community.

Research Round-Up presents the latest educational research and statistical reports from a range of government departments, educational agencies, research organisations and other sources.  The latest version from August 2012 can be viewed via this link.

Research Round-Up has been produced in its current format since 2009 and we are keen to ensure that it remains relevant and useful, while taking account of the developing landscape around professional learning and the current needs of the Scottish education system.

Your input is vital and it would be appreciated if you could complete this  short survey telling us what they think about Research Round-Up, and how we can make improvements that will help you in your work.

Please feel free to contact us at research@educationscotland.gov.uk if you have any questions.

STOP PRESS- Daily What Scoop!

Glow TV in partnership with the Daily What is delighted to announce that our special Olympic Celebration event which is taking place on Friday 14th September at 11am will now feature gold medal winning canoeist Tim Baillie and double silver medal winning canoeist David Florence!!

Tim Baillie is a Scottish slalom canoer who represented Team GB in the recent Olympic Games in London. From Westhill in Aberdeenshire, he and his canoe partner Etienne Stott won a gold medal for Great Britain and also had a post box in Westhill painted gold to honour Tim’s victory in the Olympics. They even had a special stamp issued to mark their achievement!

The team will also be joined by double silver medal winning canoeist David Florence. David won silver in the 2008 Beijing and again in London 2012. When David was younger he lived on the same street as Olympic cycling champion Chris Hoy!

So sign up and join us in Glow TV to ask your questions and be part of this exciting event. If you can’t be part of it live be sure to Watch Again!.

Moderation Innovation Summit 31.8.12

As part of Education Scotland’s on-going commitment to moderation, practitioners from across the country gathered in Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline for an Innovation Summit. The focus was on celebrating and sharing the good practice of the participants, all of whom had developed moderation projects of differing sizes which have now been successfully exemplified on the National Assessment Resource.

A highlight of the day was the presentation by Douglas Brown and Chris Morris from Glasgow who gave an excellent insight into how they worked with five other Glasgow secondary schools to develop a moderation CPD resource for use in departments. It was clear that their bright spot of good practice was extending across the city. There was high demand for the ‘little white book’ of moderation they had produced.

Sheila Quigley PTC at West Calder High School, who is recently seconded from her role to join the assessment team shared how her cluster took one Health and Well-being E&O and moderated the evidence of learning, looking closely at progression. The richness of the evidence gathered was inspiring.

Another highlight of the day was the Marketplace where the moderation projects were on display, facilitating a buzz of professional dialogue. George Sinclair, previously Head of Service in Moray and now Senior Education Officer and National Coordinator for Assessment, QA, and Moderation rounded the event up in the Marketplace. Having given a very clear and concise presentation on moderation earlier in the day, George left the participants inspired to build on the projects and embed the moderation good practice between classrooms, schools, clusters, local authorities and beyond.

All presentations from the day have been uploaded onto the Glow assessment section in the ‘events’ tab, where there are many good presentations and resources at your disposal.

Wise Up Wednesday – National Poetry Day

This year National Poetry day is on Thursday 4 October 2012. During National Poetry Day, people all over the UK take part in a celebration of great poetry. 

Poetry helps us to remember stories, from Jack and Jill all the way to the Odyssey. Children love rhymes and rhythms, but poetry also helps to improve literacy skills.

You can download poetry posters and practitioners’ notes from the Scottish Poetry Library website. This year’s theme is Stars and the resources include “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” in both English and Scots.

To keep up to date with what’s happening at the Scottish Poetry Library and find out about their resources, training and freebies, you can sign up to their monthly e-newsletter here. As well as support for practitioners, their website also has a useful section for families.

Further resources to support National Poetry day are also available in the resources section of the Education Scotland website.

Please come back and tell us in the comments what you have planned to celebrate National Poetry day in your establishment!

SLF 2012: Forensic Rookies, Transition and the AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust: Scottish Islands and Mainland ICT and Science project

With a week to go until SLF 2012 kicks off, there are only a few spaces remaining in session N1A “Forensic Rookies”, presented by Professor Susan Rodrigues and Neil Taylor. The workshop will share the findings of a recent project involving 3 pairs of primary & secondary schools from several different local authorities, and the sustained impact in those local authorities where this project is being rolled out further. Learners and practitioners views and feedback will be shared, and delegates can get hands on with forensic investigation activities. This project was supported by funding from AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust and led by Professor Susan Rodrigues and Neil Taylor as part of the suite of ‘Partnerships in Primary Science’ (PIPS) CPD projects.

There have been a series of videos made using learners and practitioners which will be used within the session, and these will are also available via the ScienceEdResearch channel YouTube.

The individual vodcasts for each school:

Brae High; Blairgowrie; Coupar Angus; Inveralmond Community High; Urafirth; Westfield

Visitor registration for SLF 2012 is now open!

Asthma across the Curriculum

‘Two in Every Classroom’ is a new interdisciplinary resource for secondary schools. It is an online resource produced by Asthma UK Scotland for secondary school teachers in Scotland. The resource aims to help schools use new and creative ways to embed asthma within Curriculum for Excellence while raising the profile of the most common long-term condition in schools.

Join us on Monday 17th September at 4pm in Glow TV to find out more about this resource.

In this Glow Meet Emma Graham from Asthma UK will discuss the benefits of using the new resource across the curriculum. Emma will be joined by Nicola Masterton, PT Pupil Support from Grangemouth High School who will give a practitioners perspective on how to use ‘Two in Every Classroom’ to enhance learning as part of the Health and wellbeing curriculum.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV and if you miss the live event make sure you catch the recording in Watch Again!

Standards for Leadership and Management

GTC Scotland have been working on a revision of the Professional Standards, and have published drafts of each of the revised standards for consultation, with a view to publishing the Standards at the start of 2013.

Join us in Glow TV on Thursday 13th September at 4pm to find out more about The Standard for Leadership and Management. The draft revised standard for Leadership and Management has been extended from the previous Standard for Headship to include a standard for middle leadership as well as the Standard for Headship, in order to meet the needs of all teachers in, or aspiring to formal leadership roles in our schools.

This session will be led by Gillian Hamilton, Head of Education Services at GTC Scotland and will explore the thinking behind the revision of this planned standard, as well as some of the planned content.

Sign up and join us live in Glow TV or view the recording via Watch Again.

ScotRail Safety Campaign

ScotRail have produced a resource pack teaching primary school pupils aged four to 11, Scratch and the Train Gang which features cartoon characters who provide easily accessible safety messaging for children.  It is designed to provide teachers with ready-made resources; including poster competitions, stickers, sing-along YouTube videos, and sheet music and colouring-in books.  These aim to enable children to recognise and avoid unsafe situations by engaging with cartoon characters Freddie, Sally, Callum, Norah and their loveable dog Scratch.  Winners of the poster competitions can have their work displayed at ScotRail stations.

 Resources for secondary school pupils aged 11 to 18; include a YouTube video called ‘Teens Talk Safety’, which looks at the most typical types of unsafe behaviour from teenagers in stations and the potential consequences. It confronts these issues in a serious, but sensitive way, and could be a useful tool for safety discussions in the classroom.

To view the video clips click here.

Daily What Newsround Olympic Celebration Special

Join the Daily What News team live on Glow TV at 11am on Friday 14 September, the day when Scotland’s Olympic and Paralympic heroes will parade through Glasgow.

The team will be joined by a very special Olympic guest – tune in to find out who and to send in your questions!
We will also have our usual news roundup, quizzes and fun.
Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

If you are unable to attend this event when it is being transmitted live then you will be able to watch a recording of it in Glow TVs Watch Again facility.

Glow TV – Watch Again!

Have you read about an event in Glow TV and wanted to join in live but were unable to because of other classroom commitments or timetabling? Do you want the ability to view exciting or interesting pupil focused Glow Meets at a time that is convenient to you? Do you want to enhance your Professional Learning at a time that suits you? Well you can in Glow TV’s Watch Again facility!

All Glow TV events are recorded so if the time of the live event isn’t suitable for you and/or your class to join in you can still have the opportunity to watch the recorded version at a time that suits your timetable or other classroom/personal commitments.

Watch Again is available in Glow TV and you can filter all the recordings that have taken place over the past 17 months either by name or by the programme category eg Literacy and English, CPD etc or by the programme tags.Once you have found what you want to watch simply click the Watch Again link which will take you to your chosen programme (and all the others in that channel category too!) and you can then view the recording at your leisure. You can also have the opportunity in our Watch Again Feedback Forum to let us know how useful you found the recording and if/how it enhanced your or your classes learning.

So why not take part in Glow TV when it suits you? You may not be able to ask questions in a live environment but you will still be able to see and listen to experts in their field and have fun in our numerous interactive Glow TV events.

Wise Up Wednesday – Early Years Creative Network

What creative activity for early years happens in your community? 

Would you like more access to the arts and creativity for early years? 

Would an Early Years Creative Network help? 

Starcatchers is carrying out some research into the potential of an Early Years Creative Network for Scotland.

They would like to hear the views of people across Scotland as part of this process – from parents, childcare professionals, artists, arts organisations, local authorities, and other local and national organisations working across different sectors within Early Years in Scotland.

They are holding a series of events where you can share your views, at the following locations:

• Tuesday 25th September at Eden Court, Inverness from 2pm – 4pm

• Wednesday 26th September at Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling from 3.30pm – 5.30pm

• Tuesday 2nd October at Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, Fife from 2pm – 4pm

• Wednesday 3rd October at Tron Theatre, Glasgow from 4pm – 6pm

• Monday 8th October at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen from 10.30am – 12.30pm

• Tuesday 9th October at the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh from 4pm – 6pm

Places at these events are free but must be reserved by emailing info@starcatchers.org.uk

Visit Starcatchers for more information.

Support for Mathematics – Twig on Glow Resource

Mathematics CPD on Glow TV – 10th September at 4pm

Join us for the next Glow TV event to explore new materials supporting learning and teaching in Mathematics.

Twig World Ltd, the company behind the popular Glow Science, has released an additional two subjects – maths and geography – to their online resource. The addition of over 200 films brings the total online content to over 1000 high quality short films with related learning materials.

Twig on Glow can be accessed from www.twigonglow.com as well as from within Glow.

The new maths materials include a range of topics from space, measurement, shape, number, algebra, accuracy and proof, statistics and probability and a history of maths.

Twig films are high quality, inspiring videos to support the curriculum and engage learners using real world images rarely seen in the maths classroom. The everyday application of mathematical concepts provides answers to those pupils who struggle to see ‘why maths matters.’ The support materials complement the videos to explore topics from ‘The Heartbeat formula’ in Algebra to ‘Why do we count in tens’ in Number.

“The resource fits nicely into CfE. The films instigate discussion and that’s a really important thing… it’s about getting the kids to understand and think for themselves.” Maths Teacher, West Lothian

Mathematics CPD – 10th September at 4pm

Join us to find out what’s new, get a tour of the website from Twig staff and speak to teachers who have been using the materials.

To find out more and sign up click here.

Edinburgh International Book Festival – Watch Again!

Did you miss the Glow TV coverage live from the Edinburgh International Book Festival? Well don’t worry you haven’t missed out as all the events were recorded and are available in our Watch Again section in Glow TV.

During the festival Glow TV was filming at the following:

Twists, Turns and Thrillers with Ally Kennen an event suitable for S1-3. Find out more and Watch Again.

Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore present Action Dogs! an event suitable for P4 – 7. Find out more and Watch Again.

International Rescue with Sally Grindley an event suitable for P4 – 7. Find out more and Watch Again.

Rhyme, Rhythm and Rap with Brian Moses an event suitable for P3-P6. Find out more and Watch Again.

Ghosts and Ghouls with Andrew Hammond an event suitable for P7- S3. Find out more and Watch Again.

Drawing Inspiration with Tony Ross an vent suitable for P1- P4. Find out more and Watch Again.

Each event was accompanied with for Curriculum for Excellence teaching ideas on the Edinburgh International Book Festival website Education section.

Don’t miss out make sure you check out Glow TV’s Watch Again section for this and many more exciting events.

Rehearse with Random Accomplice

Join Tron Participation on Wednesday 12th September at 2pm live from the Tron Theatre as we take a sneak peek into the rehearsal room with Random Accomplice as they prepare for their upcoming show ‘The Incredible Adventures of See Thru Sam’.

Our Glow Meet will allow you to see the company, meet the cast, watch some rehearsal exercises and ask questions to the creative team.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see one of Scotland’s most versatile and energetic companies at work.

Sign up and join us!

Choices for Life Online – The Live Launch!

Join us live from the Glasgow Science Centre on Wednesday 12th September at 11am for the launch of the brand new Choices for Life Online website.

Presented by Forth One’s Mark Martin you will have the opportunity to hear how the website was built with messages from young people themselves including how important it will be to have a new exciting hub to get credible and reliable information on a variety of topics including alcohol, drugs and tobacco with extra information and links on internet safety.

Teaching materials will also be highlighted on the site and give practitioners an opportunity to share good practice. We can’t confirm who will press the button to launch Choices for Life, but stay tuned and we will announce it as soon as we can…….!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV for this exciting event!

See a preview of the new Choices for Life Online website before the live launch.

The Standard for Career Long Professional Learning

GTC Scotland have been working on a revision of the Professional Standards, and will publish drafts of each of the revised standards in August for consultation, with a view to publishing the Standards at the start of 2013.

Join us in Glow TV on Wednesday 5th September at 4pm to find out more about The Standard for Career Long Professional Learning.This draft standard aims to support teachers to continually develop and advance their thinking, learning, practice and expertise. The actions, knowledge, skills and abilities identified in the SfR will continue to be the foundation of practice with teachers who are working with this standard evolving and developing their practice and expertise further and beyond the registered level. The Standard recognises that during their careers teachers may undertake a variety of roles within and beyond the classroom. It also recognises the potential leadership roles that all teachers have.

This session will be led by Tom Hamilton, Director of Professional Learning at GTC Scotland, and will explore the thinking behind the development of this standard, as well as some of the planned content. Sign up and join us in Glow TV for this event.

If you missed the first Standards for Registration Glow TV event on 30th August you can view it in Glow TV’s Watch Again section.

Other forthcoming events include Standards for Leadership and Management on 13th September with a final session on all three standards The Revised GTCS Professional Standards on 27th September.