Special Delivery: The William Wallace Letters

The National Records of Scotland (NRS), in partnership with the Scottish Parliament, is mounting this exhibition in the Parliament from Wednesday 15 August – Saturday 8 September 2012.

Join us live from the Parliament on Thursday 30th August at 2pm when pupils will get an opportunity to explore the exhibition and quiz the experts – Dr Alan Borthwick, Head of Medieval Records, National Records of Scotland and Dr Fiona Watson, independent researcher and author of ‘Under the Hammer: Edward I and Scotland, 1286 – 1307’.

A short film about the exhibition will be uploaded onto Glow and available to view from Monday 27th August – we recommend your class watches this before the event to get ideas about what questions to ask.

More information, including a timeline putting events into a historical context, is available online on the Scottish Parliament website.

The centrepiece of the exhibition will be two surviving original documents with a direct link to William Wallace.

The first is the so-called Lübeck Letter, issued by Wallace and Andrew Moray as Guardians of Scotland after their success at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297.

The second document is a letter of 1300 from the French King Philip IV to his agents at the Papal Court asking them to assist Wallace in his business before the Pope.

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