SCCYP- Your Shout – Right Now

Join Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, on Monday 3 September from 11 to 12pm for a Glow Meet hosted by pupils from Trinity Academy. Sign up and join us in Glow TV.

We are asking you to make a two minute presentation on one or more of the speech bubbles on the right. These were the four areas which you told Tam were the most important things he should be working on when you voted in a RIGHT blether.

For example do you think everyone is:

  • Included in your school?
  • Have you got things to say about children and young people being respected in your community?
  • Is everyone treated fairly with opportunities to learn and develop or do some children and young people face barriers?
  • Do you feel safe and secure in your home or are there things that you would like to change?

Let us know what you think could and should be done in one of these areas and we will show as many presentations as we can during the Glow Meet. As well as presentations there will be time to discuss and debate with Tam and everyone who joins in on the day.

Send your presentations to or by Friday 31 August and we will load them on to the blog. For more information about the four areas go to :